Survive A Stressful School Year + Back To School #OOTD

When I was still in college, I have this notion that I should dress up to express myself. I always believed that people would know what I am all about with the way I dress up. But later on, I realized that comfort is always a big factor, specially that studying in college most of the times becomes stressful. 

Here's a few tips on how to survive a stressful school year.

1. Time management.
College is hard, and by wasting time on unnecessary things makes it harder. I always believed that all work and no play makes us dull, so it's really okay to have fun at times but make sure that there's still time to study or do your school works. Managing your time makes everything easier,

2. Being organized.
Okay, I know that I, myself, isn't really an organized person, but I see to it that I practice being one because again, it makes everything easier. Isn't it nice to know where exactly you can find that Sociology book you'll be bringing tomorrow that to be stressed at looking for it all over your room or dorm room when all the while it's just at the bag you used last week? It saves time.

3. Be social and make sure to talk to friends every once in a while.
One thing that causes stress is the fact that you don't tell anyone what's bothering you or your thoughts. So this is important, make sure you talk to your friends once in a while.

4. Sleep is life.
Make sure to sleep at least eight hours a day or as much as you can. It does wonders to our body and mind. A nice amount of sleep gives you more energy and a more active mind.

I always go for the comfortable but still hip style. I have my skinny jeans days but sometimes, it's better to wear capri pants that really doesn't hug the thighs and the legs.

For taking #OOTD like this, OPPO'S F1s can be a really good phone to use because of its features, especially the camera that's 13mp on rear and 18mp in front. It also has a feature that can beautify your selfie and pictures as well as the creative filters that can enhance the images taken.

Cheers for the upcoming school year!

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