Tips & Tricks: If You Want To Apply As A Call Center Agent.

I started trying my luck in the BPO Industry around 2011. Back then, I think that being a call center agent is the best thing that will ever happen to me. Aside from my friends also working as call center agents, I weight the pros of being one. First, I am a nocturnal, and they have night to graveyard shifts which will also be perfect because they have night differential (10-20% plus in the regular salary) aside from the fact that call center agent's salary is almost twice as much as the regular employees.

I am good in speaking and writing English, so it's already a plus. I'm kind of confident about that part, but when it came to the part wherein I was already at the office for interview, I became really nervous.

It took at least 4-5 interview before I started acing the interview process. The first job I had was in a call center in Libis. After I felt that the company is not for me, I applied with another company and I got accepted easily. Then to another. Applying for call center company became like as easy as singing a favorite song for me. Of course they have different processes, but most of them are just wanting the same results.

I know, it wasn't ideal since it looks like I am call center hopping but I needed a place wherein I know I can fully utilize my abilities and skills. To summarize it all, the only place I was talking about is actually just in our home. I work freelance now and although I wasn't earning that much yet (because I believe I will soon) I just want to share some tips and tricks for some people who would like to ace their interview when they apply at call centers.

1. Do not be nervous. I know, it's a cliche thing to say and you probably already read a tip so similar to this. But the thing they didn't tell you is how and why. Sure, being nervous will mess your thoughts and the interviewer would be just disappointed. Just treat the interviewer as a friend you just met. They will ask you mostly things already in your resume. They always start there, then to a more personal question and then to the technical ones. There's really nothing to be afraid of. I haven't met or encountered an interviewer who insulted me or something. All of them are easy to talk to. If you think of them as someone who can make or break you, then yes, you'll feel the need to please them and it'll be a mess if you start being desperate. Treat them as a friend, smile and laugh if you feel like it. They're there to listen too, so if it can make you feel calmer to add some side story to your answer, it will be fine.

2. Your English doesn't necessarily needs to be perfect. This is a misconception that most people who want to try being in a call center always says. Basically, it's not the only thing they look for. There are a lot of people who are now working as call center agents that are used to be not fluent or has problems with their pronunciation. But they got accepted. The thing is, once you got accepted, you'll undergo a training. That training will include helping you with your pronunciation and stuff. The training is there to ready the newly hires. So see, being perfect isn't only what cuts it.

3. Read English magazines, newspapers and start talking in English as much as you can. It helps, believe me, specially if you're really not used in talking in English. It can make a huge difference once you'll be in front of the interviewer and you'll realize that talking in English as well as your vocabulary got wider. You don't really have to do it all the time. I believe that you have to do it with willingness or else, it'll be useless.

4. Be ready for the technical questions. Technical questions are usually what can make or break you. From questions such as "how can you sell this product into this type of people" to "I am trapped into this thing, how can you let me out using questions?". I was asked a few logical questions as this and there are a few I didn't answered right but I was still hired. So it means although this one's important, it's not the only thing they will look at for hiring. So better start searching for sample logical questions that will be possibly asked so you can be ready.

5. Do not be a stiff. Okay, this one's just really for the overall scenario but still. Like I said on the number one up there, treat the interviewer as a friend you just met or just getting to know one, not a stranger or someone where your life depends on. Smile while talking, look at ease, stop fidgeting or play with your finger.

6. Longer answers are preferred. Do not just answer yes or no. Add some more information you can throw out, it can help the interviewer know you better as well as know about the way you conversant or interact with others.

Some automated process can be cheated on to. I applied one time into a certain call center and they have the process of VERSANT. You'll listen to a voice prompt and you'll have to repeat what was said. Someone told me that it doesn't really need to be as accurate as what the voice prompt said, just let the computer know you're talking and there should be no dead air.

If you have questions for more, kindly comment below and I'll answer if I can. :)

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