My 7 Go-To #Foodstagram Image Styles.

Even before the whole #Foodstagram thing became a hysteria, I have already been taking pictures to post on my social media accounts way back, especially on facebook, tumblr or in where my current blog is. I have never been conscious of the angles and other technical stuff because all I want to do is for the food to look delicious and enticing. Me and my sister loves to cook, so we showcase our work by posting them to our accounts, especially on mine.

Throughout the years, I've learned some tricks and other ways to make the picture of the food I want to share be more appealing and to look more delicious. And these are the 7 image styling I go-to when the moment's already there.


Just the white background of a certain food without too much going on in the image. It keeps the focus of whoever's looking at the picture at the food itself. And I can play with the lighting of the photo easier since the background is white.

This shows the details as well as the ingredients of the food itself.

The diamond is where the foods are taken in a diamond like position.

This style is making the only item in the picture be the star of the picture. Depending on what type of food or drink, you can take a flatlay or take the side view if it can show more details.

This showcases all the food at table where you are currently eating. Most people uses the flatlay shot on these type of photos because it covers more than any other angles, added that the food will be seen fully from upside.

Of course, there should also be the 'messy' picture amidst all the picture-perfect food pictures in your instagram. This gives off a little 'normal-ish' feelings to your feed as well as a realistic feel too.

You'll take a shot at the food in front of you while you angle your phone. It's the 'almost-flatlay' shot but not totally because you only have to tilt your phone a bit so you can get a good angle of the food.

My most favorite thing about these styles? You can mix and match them. Like the WHAT'S IN THE TABLE shot with FLATLAY SHOT. Or the TILTED ANGLE SHOT mixed with THE CENTERPIECE. I find it fun to document the foods I will be eating and sharing it to the world. I also like to browse my own account to look at them to keep me inspired in a lot of things.

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