Discover Great Coffee with Great Taste's Viet Latte and Dark Java!

Seven Eleven is my go-to store whenever I am out and thirsty. They are everywhere, and they're a little pricey but in exchange for the convenience they provide, I'd say it is a pretty fair game. The good thing about their stores too is you can have a quick stop, or you can linger a bit longer because they have chairs and tables. I don't usually stay long, I just buy drinks, usually.

And whenever I go to their chillers, I always look out for new 'cheap' drinks I might try.

Yesterday, I was looking for something to quench my thirst when at the top of the shelf of the last chillers, I saw these bottles. At first I thought they're just Kopiko 78 drinks. I saw the Dark Java first, then I looked around for another variant and got Viet Latte at the inner part of the chiller. Seemed to be a favorite because it's almost sold out, only a few left.

Viet Latté - Smoth and Creamy

It is indeed smooth and creamy! The taste danced through my tongue and I almost drank it in one gulp. Lol! I wish they have bigger bottle but this will do for now. 

Dark Java - Strong and Creamy

This one's too sweet for a 'dark' drink. I was hoping for a little bitterness. Or maybe it's just me. It's not as creamy as the Viet Latté but nevertheless, it's still good!

For the price point of this product, I really think it is worth it. It can be a good pick me up if you feel sleepy along the way, it's also good for travelling since it's small and it is packed with taste!

Image from Seven Eleven Page

I commend Great Taste for coming up with these drink! I'll definitely buy next time!

You can check their facebook page for more updates: Great Taste Coffee

(This is not a sponsored post)

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