Why Wattpad Is The Best Platform For Aspiring Writers

Oh, wait, I know what you're probably thinking. Wattpad is already so mainstream with already a lot of famous writers with already a lot of gushing followers. So how come it's the best platform for the aspiring writers who are just about to start to build their following?

The thing is, most writers who would like to take their chance or already taking their chance in sharing their stories in the website thinks all about the numbers. They focus on the numbers that's associated with their stories they post as well as the 'followers' that their profile gets. If they don't get this number of reads, they already think that their story isn't worth writing, or that it's not good enough to have a bunch of reads and readers.

It is already in their mindset that being successful in Wattpad is having a gazillion of followers and reads. They think that it is the only way to survive in Wattpad. They think that it is the only thing that Wattpad can offer to the writers.

But that shouldn't be the case.

I've been in Wattpad since September of 2011. If I can tell my place/level as a writer base on my followers, I can say that I am a little lower than the middle. I have 80k+ followers on my main account and almost 40k followers on the other, which I made after a few years prior to my first account made. A lot of writers, even newer than me already accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers, while others like me who has been there far longer who didn't even reached one hundred thousand followers yet.

But I don't fret, because honestly, having a gazillion of followers or reads isn't my reason for joining. And I really think that aspiring writers should do to. I made a list of reasons why I think Wattpad is the best platform for aspiring writers.

1. It's free and accessible.

Most writers nowadays don't understand how important it is to be able to find a space in the internet wherein they can share their works for free, and very accessible in terms of having your own little space in that space where you can utilize your works anywhere there's an internet. Years way back, this is a problem that most aspiring writers like me have encountered. Yes, wordpress and blogspot are there, but it's a little hard to actually post stories on a website meant for blogs. Most writers don't realize how lucky they are that Wattpad's been born in their time. Before, writers like me struggles in what platform to use to share our works. I've been to wordpress, blogspot and tumblr. They're fun to use, still, they're for blogs. I still have to post the links of every post so the readers would see or know where's the next chapter or the next part. In Wattpad, it was all laid out. You'll post by chapters, the readers will read continuously. No sweat!

2. They care about plagiarism and the story rights is all yours.

They have anti-copy restriction in the website. Once you saw or learned that another writer in the site uses your story or have been posted as theirs, you can report it to have it taken down. Also, they protect the rights of your story that's posted in the site. It is indicated what rights the story has. This is the capabilities of Wattpad that's not really talked about. I really think that this is one of the most important things that Wattpad can offer the writers, aspiring or established. It's like they are your personal 'anti plagiarism' squad. And if ever someone unfortunately had the chance to copy your story somewhere else and posted your story in other website, you can have the proof that it is yours with your Wattpad profile.

3. It already has a reading community.

Writers in Wattpad are getting discovered everyday. Thousands of readers are exploring different stories, genres and writers all the time in Wattpad. And that's something you won't just find in other websites easily. You post your story and the readers that are already a member of Wattpad would get to read and/or discover your story. But here's the thing, you can't expect the readers to just find you and like your story. You have to give them something that they'll like, you have to give them a reason for your story to be in their library or reading list. It is a give and take process. And while you still need to do some work for readers to discover your story, it is still a fact that once you gained their attention, they'll keep on coming back to you. Unlike other website that are for blogging, you still have to look for readers all over the internet. In Wattpad, you'll just have to concentrate in creating something that readers would love and something you also love to be able to build our own following. Even the most followed writers in Wattpad started with nothing like you! And imagine their own reach now.

Wattpad's community is still growing. Use it to your advantage as a writer rather than sulk to the thought that you'll just be swallowed by the trend. You're just starting. You don't have to be pressured in having hundred thousands of followers in a month. Work for it!

Starting in Wattpad has possibilities of big opportunities.

4. Interactive and user-friendly interface.

Connecting with other writers and your readers isn't hard because of the comment section, private messaging ability and the message board. Unlike other website that you only has the 'comment section' in every post or you still have to ask for their email accounts for private message if their email address isn't indicated, Wattpad has a build in comment section as well as inbox and message board where users can exchange messages. May it be writers to writers, readers to readers or writers to readers. You don't have to look for their other social media accounts to reach them because you can already talk to them in Wattpad! Fifteen years ago, fans has to send snail mails to their favorite writers to be able to tell them how they love them. Wattpad also boosts their user-friendly interface. It's not a complicated website to go to, that even older readers and writers can use it with ease! With these features, any aspiring writers can easily communicate with other users that can possible be their readers!

5. Customization features.

You can make your story more appealing with customized book covers. Post pictures and videos in every chapters you post so your story will be more visual. Use tags to make it easier for the readers to look for your story. Choose what type of genre your story is all about so it can be labeled as such and readers won't have a hard time discovering your story in the genre they like. Write longer or shorter chapters or story. Post how many stories you'd like! Custom the cover photo of your profile, write a witty or mysterious bio in your profile. Write in English or Tagalog. Or in other language! Being a writer or user of Wattpad is so much easier than being a writer a few years bacl! Do you even see yourself having this kind of ease if you're an aspiring writer fifteen to ten years ago?

Although you might say that the competition (I'd hate to use this word but it is kind of appropriate with the mindset of new writers nowadays) is harder now that everyone seemed to like to be a writer, it is actually better than before that everyone's afraid to be a writer because of the criticism that writing should only be a hobby, or that writing is only for people who are good at it, only for people who have resources. See the struggle?


Wattpad shouldn't be the monster that every aspiring writers are afraid of. It is actually a place wherein they can be the writer they want to be. All they see is the famous writers that already took the place of almost every writer's dreams. They think that they don't have a place in there anymore because of it which I think is a ridiculous mindset.

If writing is your passion, having a gazillion of followers or readers should not be your main goal (although it is every writer's dream as well as getting published) but rather, to be able to share your stories to the world. Isn't that what every writer's goal at every beginning? We all just got swallowed by the fact that being a writer can be so much more with stories turned into books, books turned into movies, getting famous and having a lot of money. Which isn't bad if you think about it. But we can't really have it all and utilizing what we have is the best thing to do.

We all have to start somewhere. We all have to start with something.

So why not start with Wattpad?

(This isn't a sponsored post. I use Wattpad myself and all thoughts that was written here are all mine)

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