5 Ways To Uniquely Express Yourself.

Expressing yourself by talking about things you like, you don't like and what scares you with someone you trusts or you are comfortable with is a healthy thing that lessens the burden inside you. But here's the thing. Not all the time, they will be available to be there for you, same as you to them. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to express yourself. And here are some of the unique ways that you can do it.

1. Blogging.

Yes! You probably already thought about this one. In my case, I find the idea of having a space in the web where I share my thoughts, ideas and everyday life a little exciting. Plus, the fact that I can customize the way my space looks is a plus because it's another way to express myself. When people see your blog, they will already have an idea about you whatever design you made with your blog. And then blogging itself is a great way to express whatever is in your mind. With blogging, you might find other people who has the same interest as yours. Your network will widen and you can also share ideas with them. Other people might think that blogging is a waste of time, but the truth is that it is whatever you think it is by the way it is beneficial to you. 

Now, if you're a private person who just want somewhere to put your thoughts but isn't really comfortable with strangers knowing or reading it, there is a way that you can customize on who can only see your posts. You can choose to put your blog as a private blog or you can just invite a few people that can read or comment on your posts.

2. Vlogging.

If you are comfortable with filming yourself and what you do, vlogging might just be the right thing for you. Just like blogging, you can express yourself by filming things you want to people to know or learn about you. Things like how you exercise, how you do things and you might even share recipes you created if you love cooking.. with a video camera and uploading it in youtube or any other video hosting websites. You can also find audience/people with the same passion or interest as you are!

And just like blogging, you also have option on how you can share your vlogs. Your video can be in public, unlisted (means it will not be searchable in youtube, but if you share the link to certain people, they can watch it) or private, which, you can only access.

Plus, a lot of people says that you can monetize your videos and earn big with it.

3. Painting or doing art.

This has been one of the most popular ways to 'express someone's self' because you can do a lot about it even without words being written or being said. Interpretation is also a big thing in doing art. There are a lot of ways that you can express yourself with art, but painting is one of the most used medium. When it comes to painting, there are a lot of medium that you can use, so even when choosing what tools or way you want is already expressing yourself. There's watercolor painting, spray painting, charcoal painting and other things. You can draw people, scene, objects and the likes. Whatever you want, however you want. 

Some people are afraid of trying this because they think that the people with the skills are the only ones should be doing it, but anyone can actually do it. That is the beauty of art, anyone can do it because it is a way of expressing anyone's soul, thoughts, what they believe in or even what they are fighting for.

4. Writing poems.

There's a feeling of satisfaction after telling a story with rhyming words or thoughts. Some people has this knack naturally, and others explore the possibilities of doing so. Writing poems is really a unique way to tell a story, feelings and things you want to share in an artistic matter using words.

5. Singing.

Contrary to other's belief that you have to have a beautiful voice if you want to attempt to sing, anyone who wants to can actually do it. I mean, you're not going to perform for an audience or something, right? With millions of songs to choose from, anyone can find a song that talks about exactly what they feel, what they think or their stand on things that matters. Everything gets better with music, so sing your heart out!

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