Forest Garden Natural Gugo | Shampoo With Conditioner

We're so used to commercial products that I really didn't think of anything when we had this Forest Garden Natural Gugo. My mom bought two bottles for 300Php. We started using it a few months ago.

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My mom said that she bought it from an agent that's coming and going in their school. The products he's selling comes from a direct warehouse, there's no physical store so they sell them from place to place.

My scalp is a bit sensitive and my hair's a little too damage, so my usual routine is shampoo plus conditioner, then the next day, I won't wet my hair. I want my hair's natural oils to come out, then the next day, I'll wet my hair and use shampoo and conditioner. My hair gets freezy whenever I don't use conditioner so it is really a struggle.

I tried using this without using any other conditioner and I was surprised that my hair didn't get freezy as well as it became soft and smooth. My sister and my mother are already using this shampoo for a few days when my mother's hair dresser asked if she just colored her hair because it looks dark. She said no, and when she went home, that's when we noticed that her hair really became darker, her white hairs isn't that visible anymore. 

After almost two months of using it, even my grandmother asked me one time if I colored my hair black again. It's been a year and a few months since I strut a blonde hair color, and a few inches of my hair still has it, and it's just that when I noticed that the ends of my hair that used to be bright blonde became dark brown. It didn't totally became black, but it became a dark shade of brown. I thought it was amazing.

In terms of  dandruff (which me and my sister has a problem) I did notice a little change but my sister said her dandruff really lessened significantly. For 150Php per bottle, I find it affordable for a product that gives results as this. Well, at least, for us. I searched for other review about this product and I read a few that says it didn't work with them and worse, their scalp became more sensitive.

Anyway, a product with almost the same name and 'brand' kept popping up whenever I search about this product: Forest Magic Gugo.

I don't know if they're made by the same company or what but they resemble in a way. We might try this one if the seller won't be coming back to sell anytime soon and they might work the same too!

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