Life Lately [09-30-17]

Life has been getting better for me these past few days. The remnants of feeling stressed and anxiety is still there but I am feeling good than the last few months. I haven't had anything to post for almost three weeks now because of a few happenings recently and this will just be a recap or update.

Not saying this because I am an ultimate Morisette fan but dang it. I saw a facebook post by someone in facebook saying Taeyeon's performance is better than Mowie and I just hate confronting people on facebook because I hate drama and nonsensical argument so I just posted this in twitter. You can see Morisette's performance if you haven't seen it in this video.

She's a total entertainer and her whistle.. Ugh! I love her so much. My sister teases me before because I don't really put a lot of songs in my phone because of memory issues and I am fine with just her AKIN KA NA LANG and DI MAIPALIWANAG. I just kept on repeating the two songs. Lol. I included this here because I thought I haven't been posting enough of my love for this talented girl in my social media. So yeah, she slayed and Busan, South Korea cannot handle someone like her. I feel like their enthusiasm isn't evident but hey, Morisette's performance didn't lack.

Last Wattpad Meet Up is so much fun! Given that the allowed readers we accommodated are limited to 300 or less only because of the venue and I am not 'officially' an Ambassador anymore, it didn't stop us in making the meet up a still memorable one. I met a few more writers and had the chance to see old friends and co writers. I am looking forward to the upcoming wattpad meet ups for this year till next year!

This is the first Wattpad related event that I went to ever for this year and it felt good meeting readers, friends and co writers. I just panicked a little when I felt a little uncomfortable seeing as how there are a lot of people in SMX. I didn't attend this year's MIBF but hopefully, next year, I will be!

The details of my biggest event yet is revealed! Last year, WPCB was attended by almost 300 people amidst the threat of storm. 18 shops/services including the three biggest publishing houses that publishes stories from Wattpad joined us and sold discounted books. I am currently in talks with them as well as other big and indie publishers about renting a table at the upcoming event. A lot of readers are now excited.

Interested sellers may send me an email at heyleelay(@)gmail(.)com

Or check the event page of WPCB!

It isn't my first event invite for this year. It is actually the third, but this is the first for this year that I attended. The first one, I had to decline because I wasn't in my best emotional shape. The second, I was excited but I didn't pushed through because of an emergency. I promised myself that the next event, paid or not, I have to go! And Taiwan Excellence it is! 

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I have two more things going on and I don't want to spoil it and I will have a different post for it.
So that's it for my updates!

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  1. Happy to know that you are doing better now. Nakaka worry kasi previous posts mo :) Aja aja lang Hazel! Kaya mo yan :)