You Are Your Own Asset.

Do you love yourself? Are you confident with what you look or for what you are right now?

I have this habit of giving people advice even though they are not asking for it. And I know, it's my bad for doing so, but most of them find my advices useful, but only a few of them really applies it. Now, I am not an expert in life or an expert of anything, but I truly believe that even though a person didn't went through or experience someone's pain, happiness, or even having a broken heart, it doesn't make them any less to see how a situation can go in their perspective.

I hate it when people, even my friends, kept asking me if they look alright, or should they change into this dress, into this shirt, or should they just use this shoes rather than the other one. I get it, not everyone is as laid back as I am in choosing something to wear. For them, image via what they were wearing or what they look like is important. And while I've been to a certain stage where I want to wear clothes that says 'I'm different' or 'I'm unique' for people to know, I do believe that looking your best, wearing the clothes you want to wear for other people to see is just plain wrong. You should be doing so, for yourself, not for everybody else.

I find the concept of pleasing everyone in your own expense as a bull.

So I tell people to just stop doing things to their self just to be able to 'wow' a crowd or just to let his or her crush see him or her looking good. Be presentable, but don't overdo it if not for you.

It's like if you want to dress like a drag because that's what you fee like wearing, go. But if you want to dress like a drag because you feel like it will get the attention you want and you want that attention so much.. I guess there's something wrong with that. I know, I just said to do o wear what you want, so if they want the attention, why not do it?

That is the main point. Craving attention and approval from other people is what is really wrong. Because you don't have to. It gives off this notion that to be able to be acceptable, we should conform to what is going to attract attention, or what we think is what's likable for other people.

Most people would be defensive. I'd ask them why are they so conscious with what they would wear or what they would look and they will definitely answer around the idea of impressing people by appealing to their liking in terms of appearances. And when I tell them that they don't really need to please anyone and that they should just wear what they want (of course, still be mindful of the dress code and the appropriateness of what you wear depending of the place you'll go) and just be confident with their self, they'd avoid the topic by just saying 'just let it be' and I can't do anything about it.

I am fat. I'm a little fair skinned but my skin isn't smooth, especially in my face where pimples like to say hello. My hair is so thin, whenever I tie it into a ponytail, my scalp can be seen. I have a big belly and my voice is a little deep that people I talk to in phones thinks I'm a guy. My teeth aren't perfectly aligned, there's even a broken one in front, and a space from the pulled teeth when I was in college.

So you get the image. I am nowhere near perfect.

But people can always see how I couldn't careless of the supposed to be 'flaws' of my whole being.

And whenever they ask me how do I manage to just shrug everything off, I'd say because I know that amidst all my imperfections, I am still my own asset." "

I maybe fat, but I am tall. My skin might not be smooth and remnants of pimples in my face can be seen, but I quite fair skinned and whenever I go to beach and get a tan, my skin's natural color just comes back fast. My hair is so think that my scalp can be seen when I tie it, but my hair is naturally straight, I don't need to use or undergo hair treatments. I may have a big belly but my 'bigger' breasts compensate for it. My teeth might not be perfect, but they're strong that I am able to eat even hard to chew foods.

You see, I am that type of person that sees the positive in every negative that other people only see.

And they don't realize how many time they waste in sulking and dwelling with the fact that they are lacking instead of focusing on what's good about them, or that they are so much more than just the flaw they are focusing on.

I want to make them realize that YOU ARE YOUR OWN ASSET.

You have your mind, whatever talent or skill you have, or whatever you're good at. Not everyone has the same thinking as you, or has the talent you have. It's just a matter of perspective.

And I understand that not everybody can do this thing easily. Some of them have been raised in an environment that has been telling them that they're either too fat, too thin, too stupid, too smart, too pretty or even too ugly, so they see it as a bad thing and tries to change, and when they fail to do so, they take it hard.

Maybe I am lucky that I didn't have to go though those times as much as they had. Of course, I also had my moment. I would be the biggest in some class I am a part of so they always see me. I'd have a moment when all of my friends are good looking and I look odd among them. But I didn't really get it through me because I think I look fine.

Some people think that being good looking or having an impressive back ground will make the person they love, love them back. Or like them. True, it can happen, but isn't it wonderful if they fell for your or liked you despite the fact that you look average compared to many? Don't you think that's a more natural thing?

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