How To Be A Writer.

Would you believe if I told you that you don't really need to have the talent to be a writer?

Talent is overrated. Passion and dedication is more of a thing right now.

The truth is, even if you have the talent or the knack to do a certain thing, even if you do it best, when you have no passion or dedication over it, it doesn't matter. Whereas if you're passionate and you are dedicated to do something even though you're bad at it, you can always learn.

So yes, you can learn how to be a writer.

And the only thing you have to do is to START.

Start writing. 

Forget thinking of the technicalities and the rules. Forget thinking if what you're gonna write will be good or bad. Forget about being criticized, or being judged. Forget about your fears and doubts and just start writing.

It makes me sad when someone just overthink things when they want to do something, especially if they want to be a writer. What do they need to be a writer? How do they write this certain part? Should they write like this, or like that? Do they have to do this, or that?

I would usually tell someone to read a lot first. And while I still think that being a reader before you become a writer is important and an essential thing, it won't matter at all if you just won't start writing.

If you start right now, I won't promise that everything will be easy and good after that. Because starting just means that it is the easiest part. You can be a writer even if you don't have a degree in writing. You can be a writer even if you haven't wrote any poems or stories or articles before. You can be a writer even if you just thought about being one a few months or a few weeks ago.

Because as long as you are passionate and dedicated to become one, you can!

I am an advocate of #FearlessWriting. It means writing what you want and not think of what others would say about it or how bad it will turn out, as long as you are writing what you want to write, or you are writing something that you would want to read, it is okay.

But I hated the idea of people wanting to be writers for fame and money. 

Because it doesn't work that way. Yes, you can be a writer, but no, it doesn't mean you can be rich or be famous for it. You can, but you won't be likely. There are tons of writers that hit the trifecta of having the talent, the passion and the dedication yet the opportunity for them isn't knocking.. yet.

You can dream of being rich and/or well known being a writer, but expecting to be is futile.

Write, because you want to. Write because you like to.

You don't need to have a laptop or computer to start. You have a hand, a pen and a paper. WRITE.

Ideas flows. Ideas are everywhere. You want to be a writer, then start writing!

You can do the research and learn to improve throughout the time. I was twelve when I started writing. I would write dialogues from a tv series I watched and show it to my friends. When I was sixteen, I started writing a story in my notebook and started sharing them to my classmates. By the time that my story was scouted and got an offer to be published, my writing style isn't polished yet, and now that I think about it, I cringe whenever I read the unedited copy of the manuscript. A decade of writing yet I don't have the perfect way of writing yet. But I can feel that I am improving because I want to improve. I just kept on writing and every story I write, there's one or two more things I realizes that I should be doing to be better in what I do.

I am not saying that you need to write as long as what I did. You can improve a lot faster now that the world has changed. I don't have the materials to research on that time. I just have to rely on what I know based on my knowledge that I accumulated through reading and everyday experience. But you don't have to take the hard way like I did, because resources is endless on the internet.

Just don't forget to write what you want, or write something you would want to read.

Just write. Write right now.

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