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It has been a while since the last time that I indulged myself in discovering new tv series. And honestly, it's like I need some luck in finding one that I would actually like and stick to. When I stumbled upon Blue Bloods and read what it was all about, three things hit the homerun with this show.

  1. Cops. Blue uniform. The title says it all. I am addicted to police procedural shows and I think this one's perfect.
  2. I also loved the concept. A family in the service? I can already imagine the drama!
  3. And then it's already on its 8th season! Like.. I feel like I just found a treasure! I have a lot of episodes to marathon.
So I gave it a try. When I watched the first/pilot episode, I liked the fact that they started it with Jamie, the youngest of the three's graduation where all of the family members are present. It made me know which one is which, or their roles. Throughout the first season, I feel like I already made a connection to these characters. 

Blue Bloods is a tv series about a family that most of the members are wearing Blue uniform, or at least, used to. Their grandfather was the former New York Police Commissioner while his son is the current New York Police Commissioner. They are both widower when the show started. The third generation, which was the current NY Police Commissioner's children, on the other hand, is composed of a NY Police Detective, a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, and two police officer but the other one was dead when the show started.

Just like other regular police procedural shows out there, every episode has new situations. Sometimes it focuses on one of the character's side, but overall they have screen times, even the secondary characters.

The most amazing thing about this series is their Sunday dinner. Every episode, there will be a scene wherein everyone is in the dining table for their Sunday dinner where everyone can share something and everyone is open to their suggestions and opinions. Even the kids!

The characters are so dang diverse in a way that it got me hooked more. I am currently at the 6th season and as I watch every episode nearing the current season which was season 8, I feel like slowing down because I feel like I don't want to wake up one morning waiting for the current episode to air day by day.

I don't have anything that I don't like in this show overall. I have a few opinions with the characters but I love it overall. I am obsessed! Kudos to the creators of this show. 

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