What Happened At The #PayPalFreelancer Workshop With Ginger Arboleda.

PayPal was kind enough to create a series of workshops wherein freelancers, soon to be freelancers and people planning to be freelancers will benefit by having four different guests talk about their experiences as well as their knowledge in Freelancing.

I didn't know about this until I stumbled upon a post about the past two workshops. I immediately looked up the next upcoming workshops and I registered in the one with Fitz Villafuerte as the speaker. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come due to other commitments. But PayPal was kind enough to send me an invitation through email about the next one, and this time, the venue is in my turf! Novotel Hotel is just a few steps away from our home.

I didn't know why I thought the event will start at 2pm because when I looked at the event again around 12:30pm that day, it said 1:00pm! So I moved fast, not wanting to pass the opportunity! I booked a Grab to be faster. I arrived ten minutes past 1:00pm and there aren't a lot of people yet. The event started at around 2:00pm, but by then, the seats aren't full.

Ginger Arboleda went to the stage and everyone's focused on her. The moment she started talking and introduced her self, I knew she would be one hell of a speaker. And I was right.

There's three reasons why I want to attend events like this.

1. I want to learn more. I've been freelancing for three years and it might sound long, yet I still haven't grasped every details to be successful in this industry. So learning more things about it is a top priority for me.
2. Meeting like-minded people. Seriously. Everyone there is essentially like me. We all aim to be successful in freelancing by utilizing our skills and what we have.
3. Being a part of an event that literally changes life. And this is one of the events like it.

Anyway, while waiting for others, there's tables at the corner with coffee and teas. Anyone can just go there and get some. I made my own black tea, and it was awesome. I don't usually like hot teas, but I like their black tea just fine.

The talk was long, but very very interesting and knowledgeable.

Even before the talk starts, they already prepared these papers into the tables. It became an accessory to a few activities later on.

This is Ate Toni. She's my seat mate at the table. The tables are for ten people, but in our table, we;re only six. When Ginger asked us to look for a partner and get to know them, we instantly hit it off. Our age difference is big. I am just half her age yet we talked like we're on the same level. I liked how at her age, unlike other people I know, considered #Freelancing. She's already retired, and she hates that she's not doing anything in her life right now so when she discovered about the wonders of #Freelancing, she wanted to try. That's why she attended this workshop!

She came all the way from Bulacan. And she told me that she's actually having second thoughts in coming because it's far, but she still went and she met me. She's telling me that maybe we're destined to meet! I told her that she can always ask me things I know about freelancing. It was fun meeting here!

And then there's this cutie, Jazper Tiongson! I've seen him in a few past events I went to, but the most memorable one was when he hosted the first ever book signing event I went to. It happened last 2014 in Fisher Mall. We were introduced as the exclusive writers of the publishing house I write to and he was invited as the host. 

The thing about Jazper Tiongson that I liked the most is that, he knows how to connect with the crowd, and he makes it look like what he's doing isn't a job because you'll see that he's really having fun. So yeah. I wanted to tell him that we already met way back but I was afraid that I might take too much of his time so I just said my thanks after asking him for a selfie. Two selfies, actually!

We were served with this burger snack, salad and a glass of juice with pandan leaf.

They gave us this goodie bag with pen and a notebook (sorry for my nails lol)

All in all, my experience with this workshop is an amazing one. I would have regretted not coming if ever. I liked that for once, I've been surrounded by people who truly understands me, knows what I was going through and are eager to learn. I want to immerse myself with this kind of situations.

I will post a different blog about the talk.

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  1. Aw! I registered but I wasn't able to attend due to some unforeseen errands, my love. I Hope they'll organize another event like this before the year ends! :(

    1. They still have one! In Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood. I wanted to register again, but we're gonna have a staycation in ortigas, with the same hotel from Ortigas nga lang. Akala ko same hotel sabi ko swerte. Tapos Eastwood pala. Haha! Meron pa rin ata after that. :D