4 Ways To Spend Christmas Alone.

Not everyone is going to have a MERRY CHRISTMAS because not everyone can be with their family or friends due to different circumstances. I know a few people who decides to work that day, or some people who decides to just give the money they are about to use to come home to their family to add to their grocery for noche buena. There are also who just wants to be alone, then there are people who have no other choice than to spend Christmas alone.

Christmas has been a tradition for Filipinos to be spent with family and even with friends, but for people who wants to spend their Christmas alone, here are four things they can do to keep them entertained or make the most of it.


You've seen this coming. Watching Netflix or any other movie or show can be a relaxing way to spend Christmas alone. You don't have to go out or spend on something extravagant, maybe just a few snack to keep you accompany, or a take out pizza and chicken to munch on while being engrossed to whatever you're watching. 

There are tons of shows or movies to choose from. Personally, I find watching shows or movies a therapeutic activity because aside from being inspired with the characters and scenes, my mind is working  yet it's not stressed out specially if the show or movies are entertaining me. Everyone can surely find something to watch depending on their taste, as well as  recommended by their friends or relatives.


The thing is, when people read, hear or see the word TRAVEL, they automatically think of airplanes, beach or hotels to stay to. But that's not the case. What most people doesn't realize is that, you don't have to go miles away to travel and to explore. Ride a bus, go to a place two to three hours way from the city and explore it alone. Ask the locals where are the tourists destination in that place, but be vigilante since it is Christmas, and as much as it is a time to give and share, there are criminals who just wants to take and snatch.

This is a good way to unplug yourself to social media too and just enjoy the view and the ride going to wherever you want to. It can also be a time to self reflect. 


If you have spare cash from your bonus, here's a way to reward yourself this Christmas. You probably already shopped previously for the gifts you'll be giving your mga inaanak and relatives, as well as your friends, but have you brought something for you? Something that you can really use, something you've been wanting to have but you didn't buy yet because of Christmas shopping panic?

Being alone in your room with your laptop and your credit card in your hand might not sound exciting, but its still a nice way to spend Christmas than do nothing at all!


We all have that one book at the corner of our room or house that we always say we will read, but we cannot due to different circumstances. Mostly because we don't have enough time to spare. Well, now, being alone on a Holiday can be that time. I advocate reading not just because I am a writer, but because I really believed that reading is a good way to learn and for someone to pass by their time productively.

Just like watching shows and movies, there will always be a book that will suit someone depending on their taste. So go find that book and read your heart out this Christmas if you're spending it alone.

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