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I have never been this 'caring enough' about my hair until a few years ago. I realized the importance of having a healthy and nice looking crown of glory. I used to have normal looking and a little thick hair way back in High School. When college started, I don't know what happened that it slowly became thin to the point that it's so noticeable because they can already see my scalp. As I have said, I wasn't that thinking too much about it so I just let it go.

Moving forward, after all of the teasing (emo look lol) and bleaching for a few times, I decided to try a few products that even though won't make my hair thick again, at least they can take care of it or make it healthier again. But the thing is, I lack the initiative to be consistent in trying the products. Some of them I saw the difference, but some doesn't. But I am always on the look out for some more products to try. I thought, maybe I was just looking for a product that can compel me to be consistent in using it because it's so good.

Most of you might have not heard of this product, but some who frequent salons and establishments alike might. They're not 'yet' available in mainstream stores such as Watsons but they are, however available in Hortaleza stores.

So how come did I discovered them?

A few weeks ago, I saw unfamiliar sachets in my mom's drawer in her room. I saw that it was a Hair Masque, with Argan Oil to be specific. I asked my mom where did she got it, she said it was given by someone (I forgot if it's a friend or a co teacher) and I asked her if I can try. If it's not obvious to you all, I do love trying unknown products to be able to share to the world how they do. There's 5 sachet and my mom doesn't mind. I tried it once. Just once. And it was unbelievable that my hair is tamed when it dried. Then my sister and mom tried using it too.

My sister went to this small party for her friend and when she got home, she told us that some of there friends told her that her hair seems to be looking good at that time. Okay, no one knew that she used anything on her hair or something. So yeah. We used it.

And then we realized that there's only 5 sachets and we already used some of it. One sachet though can be used two or three times, depending on how thick or thin your hair. And we didn't use it everyday. Two or three times a week at best. My mom doesn't know where to get it too, so I searched since I haven't heard of the brand before.

I had the chance to contact them to ask them about the availability of their products and to tell them how nice it is when we tried it.

But to my surprise, they did not just acknowledge my message but also offers to send me some of their products too! I was ecstatic because you know, I already tried one product and it's good, so how about trying some more?

They send me quite an array of products to try. And my favorite part is that, there are products specifically for colored hair like they knew I have colored and treated hair! Haha!

T-TOP Professional is a brand under Shine Best Marketing. You can check their website here to know more about them and all of their products as well.

The products that you can see here are the products that I tried first. The Hair Masque with Argan Oil has been proven, so I tried Ice Collagen Repair Treatment.

Hair Masque with Argan Oil:
This intensive reconstruct or rebuilds and repairs from the inside out with selected botanical.

Ice Collagen Repair Treatmen:
Mentholated Treatment that brings feeling of relaxation while hair is repairing and straighten out with long lasting silky smooth results. Good for tropical country like us!

Smoothing Cream:
It contains all natural botanical essences and vitamins which have the effect of protection, illumination and styling for your hair and keep it from oxidation and discoloration. Moreover, it can make your hair, illuminating and charming.

I already tried it and it really smooths my hair. I used it as a conditioner.

Curl Molding Cream:
Moisturizer that restore optimum strength for damaged and dehydrated hair due to excessive chemical treatments, generates body and hold, perfect for scrunching molding and blow drying, leaves finishing glossy shine and long lasting, makes Hair smoother, softer and manageable, Use on wet or dry hair.

I am saving this for the last. This is the only products I haven't tried yet because I am already using the Smoothing Cream as conditioner.

Colour Save:
COLOUR SAVE, discover your new daily obsession for amazing hair color. light weight primes, protects and perfects while delivering 19 essential benefits for Colour-treated hair. Formulated the Sunflower Anti Fade Complex*.

I have been using this product for three weeks now and I spray it only when I go out. I bleached my hair then thought of using crepe paper to color it green, and we all know it should only last a few days. But with this one, it's already a month and there's still remnants of the color of my hair. It really helped. 

Just a note, this formula is a little too strong. Avoid getting it in your eyes as it will be painful. I haven't had the mistake of accidentally spraying it in my eyes but almost, and I felt a little sting. You should shake it well, too before using to make sure it;s well mixed.

Spa Lock Color Shampoo:
With nature active factors that can make your hair soft, smooth and shine. The super pure plant essence can offer special care of the hair. Rich collagen albumen and amino acid can deep into the hair, enhance the hair quality, repair the damaged hair. Using the product long-time, provide your hair health, fresh and charming effect. Targeted  at the normal to dry hair, contain nourishing moisture factor and fibrin  that can improve the elasticity of hair and maintain the equilibrium of water. The new cation emulsify technology coming from Europe can satisfactory need of your enjoy style.

This is the only shampoo among the products, but it is the biggest. It's also amazing because when I opened it, it looks like a clear gel or something only to realize there's milky white substance under. We shake it well before we start using. It made my hair really rough after shampooing, which means it got rid of all the oils before I used the Smoothing Cream.

These are 'professional' products. I was advised so, but when I asked if there's special instructions in using them, they said none at all. So yeah.

Overall, these products works for me, as well as my mom and my sister. It might work for us, but it might not work on some of you. But I really recommend them!

Thanks to Ms. Riechell for reaching out. The delivery came a day after I gave them my details. The products are also sealed, which I also find amazing. You would know it's new as well as it won't be too delicate to be delivered or ship if ever.

You can check out their instagram and maybe also inquire if you guys are interested.
You can tell them I sent you there! Hihi.


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