My 2017 In Perspective.

There are moments when I just feel like being relief knowing that 2017 is ending. It's no secret how I've struggled and in pain but amidst all of that, there are actually positive things that this year have brought me. And whatever they may be, these are the moments that etched in my mind, may it be positive or negative.

Finished two out of three stories in the trilogy.
This is an achievement. I was able to finished the two stories out of three in a trilogy I was writing because I was fueled by my need to be able to pass them to my publisher. It didn't turn out in a positive way because I had to pull out my manuscripts but still, knowing I finished two stories is already a positive thing.

Finished another two stories as a ghostwriter.
Another achievement! Although this is for a book that's not going to be under my name, well, it's still a good thing. The reason that I was able to finished is because I was fueled by knowing that someone actually hired me to ghost write when I didn't even had any ghost writing experience before. So another good thing that happened to me this year.

I've lost close friends because of what I believe are misunderstandings.
I always think that losing a friend, especially over something that wasn't talked about properly, is harder than being broken hearted over someone romantically. Maybe because I always value friendship more than I value my past relationships. It's one of the few things that made it harder for me to move on from this year. I didn't just lost one friend, but a few of them who are actually very close to my heart. I still talk to most of them but I know that the closeness was already broken. And I can understand if they wouldn't to be associated for me anymore. It's just painful and it will always be a reminder how 2017 is the worst year for me.

I've learned who are the ones who stayed and truly cared despite my struggles.
Losing friends and people who you thought will stay behind you is painful, but at the very least, it made the ones who stayed more visible and known. I got scared of approaching people and friends, thinking they won't even look at my messages. But some of them are the ones who actually approached me first. They made it clear that they don't see me the way other people does, that they know me better than the others. I am blessed and truly grateful.

Won a few blogging related contests this year.
I won two contests from Travelbook and a few other ones too. Another positive thing that 2017 has brought me.

Got my first ever paid event invite and paid blog posts.
I was ecstatic when I received an email inviting me to an event. A paid one. I do go to events even without pay because I really want to explore things and as an event organizer too, I want to learn from these events too. But in my years of blogging, I received my first ever paid event invite as well as paid blog posts too! This makes me excited for more opportunities this coming 2018.

Received my first ever blogger mail!
Okay, this isn't really the type that they told me to post about them or something in exchange of the product. When I send them an email telling them how I like their product and how effective it was and asked where I can buy them because I can't seem to have seen their products before. They told me that they wanted to send me more of their products so of course, I said yes! Up until now, I am still using T-TOP products on my hair.

My only event for this year isn't successful.
Unlike my WPCB last year, this year's Bazaar isn't successful. Only a few people came and I had to apologize to the sellers about it. This coming year, I will be doing another bazaar and I promised to invite them for free as an apology. It's actually a relief that the sellers are understanding as I talked to them personally. But ti's still nice seeing some of my friends who came to support me.

There's two people who helped me but never pressure me or anything.
I always say how thankful I am to Ralph and CeeDee for helping me and still actually making me feel that I really deserve the help. I will never be tired in telling them how grateful I am with them. Moments like these are the hardest, but it will always make way in making other people see your worth. 

Got my first online job!
My bosses are based in New York so my working time is at night till the morning, which is actually a good thing because I am nocturnal. I'd like to work at night. My brain likes to work at night. They are also all very nice and approachable. They never make me feel like I am out of place. They always tell me not to hesitate to ask if I can't understand something. Right now, I already know how things works and I hope to really be with them longer.

Bad or good things had happened, but I believe that 2017 made me stronger so I am still thankful.

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