The Road We're Taking | Dark Side Of Facebook, Entitlement And Death.

I hate that I don't feel safe in posting what I feel in my own facebook account because there is always a big chance that someone on my friend list is going to be in facebook-warrior mode with me. No matter what words I use, or how I explain why I think like that, or how did I come up with that opinion, there will always be people who will be willing to lose a friend, or friends, for that matter, than to respect an opinion of other people because they want their opinion to be the only thing that matters.

As much as it sounds like also a dark side of facebook, it isn't the 'dark side' that I will be talking about. There are more, but this particular trend is making me feel like people can really be monsters.


We live now in a world that being viral in the internet or facebook is more important than respecting civil rights or people's lives. They rather capture a video of you dying than to actually help, or take a picture of you so they can post it with a caption of their opinion or thought of you or what yo did without your permission. Everyone now seems to think it is okay to film or take pictures of everything or everyone for that matter.

In relation to this, yes, I do believe that one of its benefit is that we can know what really happened especially for crimes, but I hate that instead of using it for things like that, people are abusing it to the point that they're already invading people's privacy. Even if the caption is something nice, not everyone will be okay with it. And it is their right not to be taken a picture and be posted in a stranger's social media account where everyone feels entitled to comment on their own opinion.

In addition to this trend, there are people who are using these incident (viral ones) to their advantage by using the Filipino people's gullible tendencies. And they are succeeding because a lot of Filipino really are gullible. They put anger and rage first before even thinking or analyzing the situation. Add in the internet plus a device wherein they can automatically type the harsh words on their head and you get chaos.

They will make a page with the name of the person involved, will post a few posts that will make the people think that is her account. Fueled by anger and determination, the post will be shared, liked and commented. It will spread like wildfire and everyone would want their own piece to be read, not realizing that it's just a page, and the person who owns it is laughing behind their idiotic minds thinking they're bashing the real person. They will like the page and once the issue dies down, they will delete the posts and change the page name to a different one, which they will now use as a generic page that posts memes, videos or stuff.

They get paid for these posts because they have a lot of like, which they gained from gullible people who think they're right and their opinions are the only one that matters.

Some are also selling these pages to businesses, brands or people who wants  to have a facebook page with already a lot of likes. 10,000 likes should amount to Php 3,000 to Php 4,000. What more for pages with bigger likes?

I decide to post about this because I've been annoyed as to how the girl who slapped a taxi driver suddenly has three diff. pages that I saw being shared by people on my friends list without them knowing that this thing exists. It makes me feel disappointed that they're being fooled with this scheme.


We all know about Isabelle Duterte's Debut photo shoot in Malacanang Palace. This has been a big issue. And while I also stand that she could have had the photo shoot at the Palace but could have not used the Philippine Flag, the logo of the President of the Philippines, as well as use the office of the President, I just want to point out how everyone backlashes her because of her privilege and self entitlement which I know, everyone, if given the same position, will gladly do too and will feel the same thing as the person in question.

This has been a thing that is normal for everyone. They feel that life is unfair, and they have come to that terms until they see something that rubs it in their face.

Given the example. Whenever a person falls in line to a get a government document, they get mad when they see someone passing the line because that person knows someone in the office. It is unfair, yes, but you should ask yourself. Aren't you going to call someone you know working for the same agency if you have for a faster transaction? 

Haven't you asked someone a favor to bypass a process just so you can save time? 

Haven't you been prioritized in a list because you know a person inside that premise?

Haven't someone gave you more products than the usual because you know each other?

Haven't you been the first to know of a certain information because the person who bears that information is your relative?

Do you see the pattern here? 

The small things you think are okay with you on the winning side is okay, but if you learned that other people have the privileges you want, you cry unfair.

People cries for injustice and unfair treatment when they are on the losing side, not realizing they have been doing it too, once they have the chance. They are not just publicized to do it. It's ironic.


KPOP Fan or not, I am sure you have heard that an idol name Kim Jong Hyun committed suicide and is now dead. You may not understand how this pains us, kpop fans, but I would like to express the pain and sadness that I feel.

Jong Hyun was depressed. Who knows how long he's been fighting the battle, but no one would just know because he's always smiling and happy. I don't know how many times I cried now whenever I see a picture of him in a fellow fan's post. I am actually tearing up while writing this.

People like Jong Hyun and I, we cry for help in a different way. He may use his music, while I use my writing. I have talked about me being suicidal ever since I was in college, but I always overcome the urge, fortunately. I am a normal individual, a few thousand readers in my Wattpad account and I have come to this point. Imagine Jong Hyun who have millions of fans all over the world? Imagine the pressure, the constant need to be better every time, the working and practicing hours, his other things to attend on? He's been an idol for a decade. Imagine all the years he's had?

I am not saying that these are the reasons that prompted him to end his life, but all of this might be a factor. And I hate that people are now campaigning for not taking depression lightly when I knew a few of them who laughs at posts about depression or even jokes about it. I won't condemn them for doing this now, but I really hope that it comes from their hearts.

I hate to think that Jong Hyun's death will just be in vain. I hope that even before another idol ends his or her life, Korean Pop Industry would have a better understanding on how hard they let their idols work. That they might not just be exhausted physically, but also mentally. I have been following the depression/stressed stories from idols who left their groups, who decides to take a break, or even just quit the industry and fans are cursing them for it without even knowing the reason.

They say they love the idols yet one move, the say too harsh words to them as if they're not human. This doesn't just happens in the KPOP Industry, but to all places.

My heart literally aches when I learned about Jong Hyun. I have been following their career from the time they debut (that was also the time I was pulled by KPOP) up to this and I just want to reevaluate my life now. It makes me think how do the haters who sent Jong Hyun hate messages feel now. Are they happy? Are they satisfied?

I hope their guilt will make them change the way they live.

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