5 Reasons Why I Chose Freelancing In A Heartbeat.

For someone like me who jumped into freelancing naive and not really ready on what's going to happened to me, the five reasons that I will be stating here are the pros I already embraced before I went with this path without weighing the cons. And I still hold on to these reasons even now.

1. Creative Freedom - This is what honestly is the best compelling reason of all. I was once binded in an exclusivity contract and I felt that I was caged. There's restriction to what I can only produce and to be shared to the world. There are rules, and I hate that I cannot do anything about it but to comply. The moment that I felt like I was being caged and it limits my creativity freedom, I promised myself not to be exclusive again. And I stayed that way for three years now. I can work on passion projects without asking anyone if they would let me. I can write, organise event, blog, or do random stuff and I will do it because I want it and I can.

2. I can work at home - I know that a few years ago, this statement seems ridiculous. Work shouldn't be done at home. It should be done in the office, or to the location of the company where you work at. But that changed and I wanted to use it to my advantage. As sociable as I look, there are actually times wherein I just want to be left alone, or that I just want to stay put. So commuting to work is actually really very hard for me. On my first job, I would always usually ride a taxi because I don't really want to interact that much with other people and the hassle of riding jeepneys and PUV's is painful for me for so many reasons. I also almost always feel like my 'time' is just getting wasted in the two hour or commuting or so, that I can already do so much in that time rather than wait to go home.

3. Result over process - One of the things that I have an issue with traditional 'jobs' are the time restriction to do something. You have to put in this kind of work because they're paying you for the time that you are in the office, not the actual work you do. I already experienced this 'short' stint of being a secretary. I was almost doing nothing, I just need to be there until the clock strikes seven. They pay me for the time I was in, not for the work I do. I am the secretary, and they're paying me for my position or title. With freelancing, although time is still of essence because of deadlines, it's really not that important if you did a two thousand words article in just the span of two hours or you did it in two days, just as long as the result is there when it is needed.

4. I can work remotely anywhere or whatever I wear - I can bring my work to family gathering and work on my laptop wearing a party dress. I can start working the first thing I got out of bed wearing pajamas. I mean, it is a person's own reference. I read about people who still want to put on 'office' or presentable clothes even if they're just at home while working because it conditions their mind. On my part, I'll just need an iced coffee and to be hydrated and I am off to go.

5. Diversity of the Industry - I liked how diversify the creative industry is. I can also be flexible. Yes, I've had bad experience before (see post before this)  but  still stayed because I feel like this is where I belong. It's like sky is the limit for the creativity you can contribute. I don't have to label myself as just a writer if I can also be an event organiser, or blogger, or whatever! Because I can use every freaking title because I can really actually do them! It's like, I can help someone do something and not be asked why am I helping if it isn't my field. I can totally answer them that 'Oh, I am definitely in this field!' Lol!

Are you a freelancer? What made you be one?

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