Book And Borders Cafe - Manhattan Parkview, Cubao.

Book and Borders Cafe is one of the most 'talked' about if not, most seen cafe in my news feed. I've seen and read posts from friends, colleagues and other writers and bloggers to who chill and/or stay there to work on something. I have also seen the cafe's facebook page's ads about them being open for events and catering.

This particular branch just just recently opened just a few months. It's just in Cubao, a walking distance away from our home. But I really rarely go out, especially if it's just me, so even though I have been wanting to go and visit, my body and mind just won't let me.

But yesterday was different. I really need to buy new set of clothes for my wardrobe (naks!)  and my favorite ukay-ukay store is just in Aurora Boulevard, just near Manhattan Parkview. So after enjoying myself in buying a few outfits (I bough 10 outfits for just 295php) I decided to really try going to Book and Borders Cafe.

The moment I walked in, I immediately notice how well lit and spacious the whole place is. There's not a lot of people when I arrived, but almost everyone are working with something. Makes me regret not bringing my laptop and just finish some work too, if only I could have predicted that I would actually go here.

It's cold, which I like. Their wifi signal is also fast. I don't know if it's just because there's really not a lot of people connected or it's still like that even if the place is packed. Anyway, I actually liked that there's really not a lot of people there because I felt like I enjoyed the place more.

I wanted to read some books from the shelf on the upper part of the cafe but I was dang shy. The seats near the shelf were all taken, and I was too dang shy just to get even just one book.

Their staffs and crew are all veevery cheerful looking, even to the guy who will open the door for you. They are fast in approaching you. After I chose my seat, I went directly to the counter. They offer the menu at the counter and luckily, I am the only one who's ordering at that time because it took me a few minutes to decide.

At first, I found their pricing for food a little pricey. I ordered Chicken Parmigiana and Matcha Green Tea Smoothies. I waited for just a little while.

Chicken Parmigiana - 230php | Matcha Green Tea Smoothie - 190php
Okay, I took back what I said about their food being pricey because the serving is actually big. I swear, after I ate all of it, I was so dang full. The food is tasty, the pasta is very tasty but it came to the point that the oil in the pasta just overpowered the parmesan cheese in the dish. The chicken is good too. Tender, although the breading is a little hard that it hurt my gum. Lol.

Anyway, cozy ambiances of cafes is what actually I always aim for, but even though the place is far from that design wise and lighting wise, I still felt that I can make some work done there. Seeing other people work like you in a laptop is kind of inspiring and made me feel motivated all of a sudden.

Another thing, their bathroom has a bidet! It's one of the few things that a place can make or break for me. Lol. I find bidet really essential especially for businesses or establishments. Their bathroom is clean an big.

Overall, I would really like to come back and maybe work while I chill there. It's just near our house too, so plus for convenience!

Check their facebook page and instagram accounts below!

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