Foodie Adventures | The Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken Dinner Experience.

Last December, I finally had the chance to experience and taste the famous and talked about charcoal cooked chicken in Peri Peri, Gateway branch. I went there with my friends and we ordered a set that consists these following food.

I was actually excited to try it. Been planning on eating there way back but glad that this happened and I am with my friends.

The Service

I am always impressed with crew and staffs of places that looks like they are happy with what they are doing, especially if they seem to know what they are doing too. There's this certain female crew that assisted us in what sauces to get or to taste. She told us recommendations and when we asked for what are the best sellers that are not spicy, she happily obliged. She's also smiling and seems to be so eager in assisting us, so this is a plus!

The Taste

The set we got is for four people, it consisted of one whole chicken, four rice, one shrimp salad, two coleslaw and two corn and vegies, four mozzarella sticks, four soup and one fudge cake dessert. They got me with their chicken and mozzarella sticks, they're very tasty and yummy but what stand out the most is their coleslaw. It's creamy and very refreshing. The dessert is a little too sweet for my taste but nevertheless, it's also delicious. I didn't taste the shrimp salad because I am allergic but it looks sumptuous too.

The Sauces

Okay, I didn't know that they have an array of sauces to offer to anyone. It's like whatever your personality is, they have the sauce to go with it. We requested their top three sauces in spicy and non spicy list and they are all very tasty. I think that this is a unique feature since most restaurants are using or has only the normal sauces in their menu.

The Ambiance

The ambiance of the place isn't cozy, but a laidback one. There's lots of families eating out or group of friends all over. This can be a good place to hangout with, not that noisy but you can tell that the people are enjoying the food and the place. It's comfortable, at least, for me. Even after we finished eating, we still stayed for a few minutes to catch up.

I'll probably bring my family here the next time. I would want them to taste and experience the Peri Peri charcoal chicken taste and experience.

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