Do It With Passion Or Not At All.

Being in the business of freelancing is hard. In fact, the common misconception that freelancing is just all about travelling, taking photos, trying products and just chilling is just making it harder. The struggle of finding a decent enough client that will pay and treat you right is one of the many things that you'll see as a challenge, and there are many more.

I don't know when it started, but I just woke up one day with all these ideas in my head. I'd think of doing this and that, and while all of it are plausible and doable, I've never have anyone listen to all of my plans and goals. I've never have anyone that put down their phones and became focused to me to actually listen to my creative plans and passion projects.

I ve never had anyone that I can talk to that actually supported my ideas, or finds them really good.

None, until Rayne Mariano came.

You might have read my post about coming to High Grounds Cafe. It is where Rayne and I first met again after a little while. I've met her when they were just starting about #FreeBookDayPH and since I loved their idea and I think I can contribute to their cause, I told them I want to join and they let me.

Fast forward late 2017. Amidst all the chaos going on in my life, Rayne came to me and asked me about my idea of putting up a book shop wherein self published books or independent publishers can sell their book/s with the idea of making it more accessible to the readers. The self publishing industry in the Philippines is actually growing, as the number of audience also does. But we see that its accessibility is a bit of a problem. The current mode of buying right now is through book shipping, which is okay, but the shipping fee can sometimes be a little expensive, especially if you're buying a number of books that's already on the higher price point.

We wanted to give the solution of building the first ever shop wherein readers from Quezon City or around the area have access to,.

We've been talking for a few months when I opened to Rayne the idea of making an online magazine via blog under Riderata, the name of the shop we want to build.

"Gusto mo ba magkita ngayon?" That's what she asked.

"Tara!" I answered.

We were already planning on meeting to talk about our plans that Sunday, but when she asked me if I want to meet at that time, I said YES. We decided to look for a 24 hours open coffee shop because we know we have a lot to talk about.

This is our little corner at the coffee shop.

These has been my fuel plus four more glasses of water.

The whole time talking to Rayne is a life changing moment for me. This has been one of my most memorable experience as this is the first time that I felt I am doing something good, and that I am not alone with having these ideas in my head, because someone can relate.

Rayne would laugh at me whenever I tell her how much I find having her as a friend a blessing. Because she really is a blessing. I can't stress enough about it. She's one of the friends right now that I know I can really run in to or talk to if I needed someone.

We are both busy with our own things but when it comes to Riderata, we're always available.

We stayed at the coffee shop from 9pm up until 5pm. That's 8 hours of just talking! We didn't just talked about our 'passionate' goals and plans but we also catched up about our lives. Since we ordered, we have 2 hours of internet use to spare but we just used it when we're about to book an UBER. That's how interested and invested we are in our talks, which I really find refreshing.

I always thought that we have a lot in common, from being writers to having passion projects. We also actually care about the people surrounding our causes. And I think it is just one of the many things that can make our projects succeed.

We always say that "Passion won't pay the bills" but we wanted to challenge our self and put it out there that it is actually possible. That if you put your heart to it and be determined, you can do it.

I was going for 'comfortable' so I just wore my Wattpad shirt and my fave jacket since it's still cold at that time in the coffee shop.

When the clock striked 5am, we decided to go. This picture was taken while waiting for our UBER.

We got hungry! So she suggested we eat breakfast first.

Jollibee saved us all!

I always live for moments like this. I may like partying or going out all night and be loud with my friends, I also love long talks over food and coffee. This meeting with Rayne has been a memorable experience because of three things.

1. It is my first time to actually stayed long, or even stayed in a 24 hours open coffee shop and it was the best decision ever!

2. We got to talk about Riderata in personal for the first time! We laid all our plans and our goals. Even what design we would like the shop to look! I think it made us more determined.

3. This is my first time to be really really open with someone who actually listens and care. I may sound dramatic but this is true. I appreciated the fact that her attention isn't divided between me and her phone and I love how it turned out.

I'd like to keep memories of these moments. Aside from capturing memories and to #CaptureTheRealYou, our creative side needs a device that will also be helpful in reaching our goals by being efficient and ever since I learned the release of #OppoF5 before, I knew that it will be perfect for someone creative like me.

#OppoF5 has a 20MP A.I front camera and 16MP camera that can #CaptureTheRealYou because it is perfect for vloggers and bloggers like me. I always prefer bringing one device rather then separated ones and a cellphone with a nice camera and not bulky is the perfect thing for me.

It also has Octa-core CPU and 4GB Ram which means that it's faster and no time for lagging. I really think that every second counts for every projects and this is really perfect. On times wherein you're in a hurry to do one thing (in my case, I'd like to take notes of ideas and thoughts before it's gone) and take note about it, having a cellphone that can give you efficiency is awesome.

Last but not the least..

Some people might not think how important this is, but having a one place wherein you can put our SD card and sim cards and to just pull it from the side of your phone is efficient. I remember when cellphones used to have their sim cards under their batteries. Imagine the hassle? You have to turn off your phone first, remove the batteries then get the sim cards and SD cards. It saves time and effort.

Overall, an #OppoF5 can be the perfect cellphone if you're like me who captures moments and things.

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