Netflix Shows I Like.

I felt like I needed a breath of fresh air from my usual favorite dramas so I decided to look for new series to watch in Netflix. I used another email address to avail the free 1 month trial. I already signed my old account before but that was already two years ago. Although I am still thinking or weighing the pros and cons if I should continue the subscription, here are the shows I watched and will probably continue watching in the future.

Altered Carbon | 1 Season | I am on its 8th episode

First will be Altered Carbon. I first knew about this show when I read it in someone's blog, then I watched the trailer. I knew right then that it's promising. Sci-Fi isn't really my scene but from time to time, I tend to watch a few. This is about disposable bodies, human chips that can store your memories and your whole being, and war. The cinematography and the story is very compelling. I am a little annoyed at the Latina heroine but its tolerable. And oh, did I mention how hot is Joel Kinnaman's character here? 

The Client List | 2 Seasons | I am on Season 1 Episode 8

I already saw this show a while back and I thought that I would like it, so it stayed in my mind, until I forgot and saw it again a few days ago. I gave it a shot. It's a bout a single mom who had to work in a spa that gives 'extra service' to their customer for bigger tips. Despite of the show and story not being too realistic for me (I mean, c'mon, why do even hot guys go to the spa to get 'extra service' and pay big tips for it if they can have more for less or even for free) but I kind of like the concept. Also, the number of hot men in this show is unbelievable, another point for its unrealistic side.. which I don't know if it's a good or bad thing. The politics inside the salon is an added drama for me. And oh, another point for another realistic thing in the series is the heroine's best friend being so damn nosy it should be illegal. Overall, it's not on my top 5 or top 10 show but it's good enough.

You Me Her | 2 Seasons | I am on Season 1 Episode 4

I've always been curious and fascinated with people being okay with polyamory so when I saw that this show is about a couple who wanted to try being into it, I clicked it.. The show got a funny side to it and it is what I lived for. I really love the chemistry of the three characters and how the story goes and I am very happy I found this show. Not everyone will be okay with this but at least this show can give insight.

Wanted | 1 Season | Finished

I a waiting for the second season! This show is about two women who just happened to be on a bust stop where a kidnapping happened and they entangled their self to it that they became fugitives on the run. The two women are both odd, both with mysterious past but I liked their tandem. They are very opposite but they got along and developed a friendship with one another. The ending is a cliffhanger and I am very much excited and looking forward to the next season.

Designated Survivor | 2 Seasons | I am on Season 1 Episode 6

I like some good political drama and what's better than watching a drama about the President of the United States? This show is about a designated survivor that became the President after almost every public officials of the US died in a bombing. I like how the character grows as all of the doubts and people making him feel so down. The storyline is also good. I just hate how shows like these always make it seems like everyone's always out to get the position even it doesn't make sense. Anyway, I love this. Sensible, edgy and very realistic.

iZombie | 3 Seasons | I am on Season 1 Episode 5

A fun zombie series. About a doctor who accidentally became a zombie and now works in a morgue to be able to feed brains and maintain her sanity. She also helps solve criminal cases as she can sometimes have visions of the person that she ate the brain of. It's cute and very entertaining. Glad it's already on its 3rd season, means I have a lot of episodes to catch up on.

Yeah, I'd like to have a lot of options when it comes to tv shows since I don't like to be stuck in one show and finish all of the episodes in one go then just look at the ceiling and contemplate about my life.

Have you seen any of this?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I have just finished watching The Crown and 13 Reasons Why. Looking forward to another long weekend of just binge-watching Netflix shows :)

    1. I am also planning on watching THE CROWN! Is 13 Reasons good? I am worried it may be glorifying suicide or something.. which I don't like.