A Mini Tour At The New Precious Pages Corp. Building!

Before this, I only had one chance to visit this new building. I bought a few copies of my books at the Precious Pages Bookstore located at the ground floor and that's it. That was just last year, and yesterday, I had the chance to visit once again but this time, I had a fortunate time to go around and have a mini tour to check the nooks and crannies of the place.

Quick info: The offices are located at the fifth floor, which was the first place we went to.

They have a few corners where you can just take your time and chill, read magazines or books. And as you can see, paintings are all over the area. The colorful paintings gives more vibrancy to the mix of cozy and rustic feels of the interior. 

Then, the next floor up, which was the 6th floor will be a different place: The Penthouse.

The place is very modern, very picturesque and very magazine-like. It's like the place that you can just see in the magazines, wondering if such place actually exists. It has central air conditioning units and the natural light coming from the outside is really what make sit very stunning. The glass walls are also a plus points to the overall look.

We explored the place and of course, we took a few shots too!

And then there's the roof top, where it can also be used as a venue for events and other stuff, to which, we also took some shots.

Last floor but not the least that we went to will be on the third floor, where the multi function hall is located as well as the writer's lounge and the mini audio visual room.

The place is really a step up from the old office, obviously. But it was nice to know that most of the facilities really benefits the writers, as well as the readers too, at some point.

It's refreshing seeing as to how the place was designed in a quirky and colorful way, makes it looks like a really cool place to make some work done. Even photo shoots!

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