Writing Tips | Break The Rules And Make Your Own.

Why would you unwillingly follow the rules when you can just break them?

Being a writer has been a blessing for me. The journey isn't as smooth sailing as others would think, but since I love being one, I learned to go with the flow. Some people would think that I was lucky that I got published young, and while I also believe that it is a good thing, people need to understand that having your work published traditionally as a writer isn't the only thing that would validate you as a successful writer.

Believe me when I say that it can be just the start.

Whenever someone would ask me for writing tips, I'd always say "Keep on reading" because honestly, that has been the reason why I think I became a writer. I read and read and read until I wanted to write my own. And because I have read a lot of books and stories, I felt like I already knew how it works. The knowledge I gained with reading throughout the years cannot be equal to any course or semester of education at school.

Anyway, since I had been an exclusive writer before, naturally, I would have an editor. Whenever I would pass a manuscript, they would have to evaluate it, see if it will be a fit to the imprint, or if it will be worthy to be published, or if they would want me to tweak a few things or revise the whole thing. Luckily for me, the most I got was a minor revision and that's it.

I actually had one manuscript returned, but I don't really count it much because I knew it would eventually be returned, I just needed their thoughts on it and I got it eventually.

So having an editor to evaluate your work before it can be published is okay. They needed to know if the story should be 'worth' to publish. They know all about the brand/imprint and what's needed under it. At first it's okay for me, until I slowly realized that my works are being evaluated it's worthiness to be published by people who only see what they chose to see or read.

Upon realizing it, I just stopped passing my works and decided to self published even though I know less readers can be reached with this method because of a few factors. No, I am not being hard headed. And yes, it's a hard decision for me but I stand for it.

I am not saying that I won't be passing any more stories to be published traditionally because I know that someday or even one of these days I may have. What I was saying is that, I will have to choose carefully on what I would want to be published traditionally or what should I just self published.

Another thing, the rights of the stories that I passed isn't mine anymore. It's like I gave birth to my babies and I have them adopted. I can see them, I can claim that they're mine but I don't have the rights to them anymore. It's in the company's already. Which is sad if you think about it. It's also one of the biggest factor.

And as much as the 'rules' for publishing through their standards goes, I made my own. 

I mean, I can do that. I can write freely in wattpad and my readers can suck it up if they don't want the story I just posted. I have a few other stories under my two usernames and they can choose other stories they want. That's the first step I made after realizing all of it.

Most new/aspiring writers would be afraid to actually try writing or posting their stories online because they're afraid of so many thing. Criticisms will always be there if you want your work to be shared to the world, but you don't have to be afraid in it. It's a natural occurrence and as for me, I don't really think too much about it.

Yes, they can comment about my works or how I write my stories, but I have the control over it because I am the writer. 

They may tell me to write the story in a certain way, or that I have broken a rule, or that my story is offending or whatever, in the end, I am the writer and it's my own story. I don't need to do what they want me to do because I have a mind of my own.

That's the thing about writing.. they tell you the rules, but as long as it's nor for publishing and the publisher has their own standard, do what you want with it. You can reach readers through different online platforms like wattpad for your works to be shared. No matter how peculiar you think your story is, believe me, there will always be readers who would love it.

I have made three rules I apply in my stories. You can read all of it in a twitter thread I posted.



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