TW&TW Reacts | Kdramas: Splash Splash Love And Universe's Star (Mini Series)

Lately, I discovered that there are a lot of great mini series in a pool of Korean Dramas. Some are based on webtoons. I actually already watched one a few years ago not realizing that there are more of them. So yeah. After this react post, the few next react posts will be all about mini series too.



Summary: On a rainy day that a problematic High School student is about to take her CSAT exams, she was pulled in a time portal in a pool of water from the park into the Joseon era wherein people are having problems because of the drought. Realizing that even with her poor math and science skills, she's is actually the most knowledgeable person in that era, she uses it so she can live there and help the King. She became close with the King and with that starts the problems.

Episode count: 2

Facts: Yoon Doo-joon of Beast/Highlight is one of the main character.

What I don't like:
  • I wish it was longer
What I like:
  • I thought everything will be 'annoyingly' fast phased because it's only two episodes but I was wrong. Everything was done smoothly, the transition was amazing as well as the character development.
  • I love all the elements, especially the fact that when Danbi thought that her presence might change the history for the worse, but in the end, she actually made it better.
  • I love the skinship in this drama! 
  • The crossover of the characters from Joseon and the future is also cute.
This is the type of drama that I wish it was longer, though I already love it as it is. This is a must watch. I love it so much and I'll probably watch it again soon.

UNIVERSE'S STAR (Star of the Universe)

Summary: A grim reaper was given the chance to be brought back to life to save her most beloved kpop idol given that the seven stars tattoo in her arms that symbolizes the things she wants to do if she lives again will not be erased.

Episode count: 6

Facts: EXO's Suho is one of the main character here. 
The writer of this mini series is the same writer who wrote Splash Splash Love.

What I don't like:
  • I thought this was a 'feel good' and 'fun' drama, I never thought that this has drama elements in it but I don't really mind. I was just surprised.
  • The grim reapers aren't that realistic but I don't really hate that fact too.
  • They did not show what happened to the medic as well as the doctor.
What I like:
  • Again, I thought everything will be 'too fast' since it's short, but just like Splash Splash Love, every scene an the transition was thought through.
  • I love the way they incorporate things to the Universe, thus, the title. I hate it when drama titles doesn't really go with the concept, so this one's really nice for me.
  • The female character really portrayed a realistic fan girl. It somehow made me feel jealous in a good way that fans like her are in the same country of the KPOP idols that international fans like me cannot relate. But she's relatable. Lol.
  • The plot twists of how each characters are actually connected. Wow. Just wow. I was so amazed by this.
  • The ending is something to look forward too.
Just like Splash Splash Love, I recommend this! This is a must watch. It made my heart ache but at the same time really happy because this drama depicts different kinds of love. I don't remember how many times I cried while watching this considering it's just six episodes.

Have you watched any of this? Let me know what you think via comment below!

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