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Located in Nimfa Street in Marikina, Glokal isn't your typical neighborhood snack house. Aside from the fact that they serve heavy meals and local dishes with a twist, the place is air conditioned and is very appealing to be an average snack house.

The place gives off the vibe same as other restaurants that you can go to in some business areas as well as in the malls. We went there before the Halloween so you can see that they did an effort to make it look like Halloween.

We were already hungry by the time we reached Glokal. We anticipated that we will eat a lot, and true to what we thought, they served us mouthwatering food that satisfied our cravings.

Sisig Chicharon Salad - 225 PHP
This is their Sisig Chicharon Salad, the first of the many food that we tasted. Ten years ago, if you'd serve me this platter, I'd probably make a sour face because I don't really like eating veggies before. Good thing I changed, for the better, and when this was served, I was already actually craving for it. It easily became one of my favorite. I loved how every ingredients complimented each other. Their vinegar vinaigrette is also to die for! The combination is perfect.

Nachos - 180 PHP
Their Nachos is perfect for an appetizer. The toppings is very generous. Just make sure to eat it immediately as it will lose its crunch once exposed to the air for long.

Sizzling Tofu (Meatless) - 180 PHP to 225 PHP
Binagoongang Baboy - 180 PHP
Palabos - 115 PHP
Sizzling Sinigang - 250 PHP
It tastes just like your regular Sinigang, but with a sauce! I enjoyed this dish so much.

Halo-Halo ala Mode - 85 PHP
We also enjoyed the big serving of their Halo-Halo! The price would be very worth it as some restaurant sells their Halo-Halo for a higher price but for a smaller serving.

And when we asked Chef Gi what GLOKAL means, she said that it's a fusion of Global + Local. She says that whenever she travels, she makes sure that she can pick up a thing or two about that certain place's food, and maybe try to incorporate it with our local foods. Some of the ingredients she uses are also from other countries as well. Chef Gi also owns another restaurant, but on the higher end, and she told us that Glokal is her way of giving back for the success of her first venture into business.

Glokal by Chef Gi
Nimfa Street, Marikina, Metro Manila
Opens: Till 12am
Contact: (063) 459 9120

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