Foodie Adventures | Papa Kim's Korean Bakery

When the samgyupsal restaurants flooded the metro, I was happy not just because it brings the coveted samgyupsal experience from the Korean dramas we watched, but because it's also delicious and truly must try! So when I learned about a Korean bakery, I was ecstatic! I immediately thought of the pastries and the desserts!

Papa Kim's Korean Bakery has branches in Banawe, Tomas Morato and Ayala the 30th but the branch that we got invited to is the one in Antipolo along Sumulong Highway. Papa Kim's overall interior is like a fairytale-ish setting. There's flowers draped at the ceiling, the natural light coming from the big glass windows is also so nice. Their tables and chairs are all made of woods except from the sofa where we sat.

You can see at the photos above how 'magical' the place looks. Since Sumulong Highway is an elevated road, you'll see the small houses beneath the place on the glass windows.

It;'s newly renovated, so you'll feel the cleanliness and the nice ambiance. Their bathrooms have bidet which is a plus! The place is also spacious as you can see.

This match cheesecake is a bit bitter for my taste, though I love its texture.

They offer authentic Korean breads and pastries, Korean meals as well as desserts. You can see above that they also serve pasta, which I loved so much! It was cooked well and not dry. Very very tasty. Their breads are also all delicious.

This blueberry bingsu is sooo good! I literally almost ate all of it. Lol.

They also have varieties of drinks; from milk teas to fruit drinks!

We stayed there from lunch until past 3pm. The people started to come in at around 3pm. From 2 staffs who are both very accommodating, a few more staffs came as people start to come. They're open until 10pm and I can only imagine the beautiful view of the small glittery lights at the glass windows of Papa Kim's at night.

We will definitely back!

Papa Kim's Korean Bakery
Sumulong Highway, Mambugan, Lower Antipolo
Opens at 8am and closes at 11pm.

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