My 2019 so far..

Halfway through February and there's already a lot that happened in my life.. There were bad things but luckily, there are far more better things that came. My New Year started with a realization that I shouldn't just work hard, but I should work smart. Thinking of all the hard work I did for the last 4 years, I came with a realization that all of it didn't do much because the people around me either don't work hard as much, doesn't really like seeing other people succeed or they just don't have the same goal as me, so they don't care at all.

No, I am not blaming them, nor I am making excuses. I mean, I am not perfect. Of course there are also times that I might have overlooked work or things I am doing at times, but it is what it is. I am kind of blaming myself because I kept on pushing and pushing without even planning at all. I worked and worked without even thinking of the possibility that I might not get the 'promised' result immediately.. or not at all.

But yes, I learned my lesson the hard way. A few opportunities came this year and I am carefully thinking and planning everything before jumping into it. I made sure that I am managing my expectations because I've been heartbroken more times with this industry more than I did with my love life. Haha!

This is what happened in 2019 so far:

  1. As you can see in most of my recent posts, I've been going around eating and tasting food from different places around the metro. Many more to come!
  2. Two weeks ago, I was able to go to Lucena as I did collaboration works with 3 restaurants there. I am planning on going back this March.
  3. I am slowly but surely going back into interacting with other people more openly. I didn't have any anxiety attacks recently as well.
  4. I received an offer from another online writing and reading platform. It's in the works and I don't want to jinx it. But it's one of the biggest thing that happened to me early this year.
  5. Attended a family affair a week ago and it was awesome! I was the 'official' photographer of the event.
  6. I am actually meeting old friends in the 'writing' industry later. It's a book signing event of one of my friends and we will be there to support here. I hope that no anxiety attack would happen.
  7. I hate that it only took a week for me to lose interest in SLOWLY APP because it is honestly one of the best app I have ever known. Old school letter sending. You guys should check it out!
  8. I am thinking of a small scale business that I can do at home this March. I am working at home online but I also want to do other things while I am also at home.
  9. If you don't know it yet, I am the social media executive of Glitterph, and I have been for a few months now. I am happy that we are going to do a soft launching this last week of February. I hope everything will go according to plan.
  10. I am still waiting for a 'brand collaboration' with a certain brand that I really believed in and I already worked with before. There's no monetary gain but I love their products so much. Haha.
Another thing.. I hated that I stopped doing my certain skincare routine for 2 weeks, hence, my skin started to become dull again. Luckily, it didn't really went back to how it was before or I would be really disappointed that the 2 months of being disciplined about it turned to waste.

So that's all. I hope everyone's having a good time this year. 

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