4 Reasons To Watch Peaky Blinders in Netflix.

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I finished the whole 4 seasons of Peaky Blinders in 1 and a half day.. and that was because I stopped myself when I was at the last episode of season 3 because I hate to watch the ending. I know there will be season 5 coming up but I hated the idea that I'd have to wait. But that decision trumps my desire to know more about the family, so I gave in. To be fair, each season has only 6 episodes, which honestly makes me wish there's more, but I liked that they gave justice to the 6 episodes per season.

If you're like me who are still thinking twice in watching Peaky Blinders, here are 4 reasons that I can tell to at least give you a glimpse of what you'll see if ever you decided to finally watch it as well.


Well you probably already know that this show is about the Peaky Blinders, which is one of the most powerful gangs of the time that is run by returning war hero Thomas Shelby and his family. Inside that description is obviously a more in-depth look at the lives of not just the Shelby family itself but also the mixture of despair and hedonism in 1919 in the aftermath of the Great War in Britain. You'd see the rise and fall and the rise again of the Shelby Family and the people surrounding them. How each soldier who came back from France didn't really go back home the same.

Peaky Blinders became a breathe of fresh air for me as the series I usually watch are contemporaries and more on the 'police' side. Although I also like watching series that centers the 'criminals' like Queen of the South, Peaky Blinders gives us the look of the 'what has been' and it really piqued my interest.

Also, Tommy isn't the oldest son, yet he's the leader because everybody knows he's smart and he carries himself well. They didn't play the 'jealous brothers' or 'jealous relative' card in the show which is usual in other mafia or gang stories and it's another thing that I liked in here. The respect that he gets from his family is amazing.


Most shows have complex family relationships, and it is what Peaky Blinders is all about as well. I didn't really want to spoil you guys but I wanted to really tell you how I love the way they presented this family. They're not the perfect family but their love for each other will always be above all. The Shelbys are composed of the 5 Shelby siblings, one Aunt and one Uncle. All were part of the 'family' business. The parents, especially the mother of the siblings wasn't really mentioned. Their father just came back to con the most gullible brother in one episode and then disappeared. Then it was later told that he died.

Each characters has consistencies that I sometimes don't see in some shows I have watched. Season by season, their characters grow but you'll definitely still see them as if they were still in the first season.

And okay, given that Tommy might not be a 'fuckboi' at first, but throughout the season, he learned to actually used his cock and charm girls here and there.  sometimes for pleasure, but mostly for business. For one, I used to really ship him with the girl from the first season, but she left. And I hated the fact that when they met again, the girl is already married. Anyway, I won't spoil too much. too many things will still happen.


And anyway, have you seen their clothes? Aside from loving the way the story goes, I can't help but to stare at either Cillian Murphy's face or their clothes. It's so dang classy and it makes them more of the characters they play. 

I don't buy my suit. My suit is on the house, or the house burns down. - Thomas Shelby


I already noticed this, but I also watched a video wherein someone said that the working women representation in Peaky Blinders is also one of the good thing about this series. Given that, well, most of these women that are mostly shown in the series are working with the Peaky Blinders, I love how issues like this is being talked about. Especially in Season 4, you'll see more of this and you'll know what I am talking about.

I love that this series is a lot of things and talks about other stuff when you expect it to be just guns and bloods. It covers a whole lot of topics that you'll see throughout the series as it progress.

If you think these things interests you, then you should definitely try watching Peaky Blinders. I am currently waiting for the next season, which as I read, is going to be the second to the last season of the series. It makes me sad, but all things must come to an end and I am just happy that something like this is out there.

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