Loving Your Body Type Doesn't Mean You Should Hate Other Body Types.

I don't always talk about this much on social media, but personally, I always encourage people to try to accept their body type and if they don't, they should do something about it to make them feel better.. but for good reasons. I have tons of people who would tell me that they hate their body because they look like this, or they look like that. I'd jokingly tell them "I look like an elephant for being so big but it doesn't really bother me." to lighten the mood. And then they would almost always tell me "Well, you're tall/have curves/well proportioned, so it's easier to accept you being fat or big." And then it makes me think... They can see the 'good thing about my body but why can't they see it in theirs?

The thing is, as much as I'd like to tell them that I actually find their hips nice, their collar bones sexy, their neck very pretty, they'd come back with more things they hate about it and I'd just feel sad.

I know not everyone is like me. I don't really know how I grew up this quite confident about my body or how I look. I find 'fat' insults funny and at the same time, I pity the people who say it because I find them 'less' aware of the words they say or acts they do. It's like, how would a person think being fat is funny? How being fat is a joke?

Anyway, I remember one time hearing Meghan Trainor's All About The Bass
For a while, I was rooting for this song as an anthem for girls like me, but then I realized the lyrics include:

"You know I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll"

And it sounded wrong on so many levels in my opinion.

I admit I hated how society instills in people what the perfect body type should be, or how the perfect face should look. I hate it still. But there's a big difference in accepting and loving your body while hating other people's bodies for it. I think it's way worse than having no confidence at all because it's more toxic to feel good on the surface but you're doing bad underneath.

If you think about it, the reason why you are feeling bad about your body is that you think of how others see you, and by hating on others just to feel good about yourself, you are doing the same to other people.

I hope that this can be an eye-opener for people who are in this situation. Build your confidence by accepting that the parts of you that you hate are normal.

I personally hate how my hips are so narrow that my curves aren't showing, how my hair is so thin, how my butt isn't perky, but I accepted all of it and just make sure that I wear clothes that don't accentuate what I lack, or just wear what I want and clothes I am comfortable with and just let other people see or say what they want.

I'd love more people to see the good things about them rather than the flaws, or the things they hate.

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