Blue Cafe & Seeing JK Labajo | Virac, Catanduanes

One of the most recommended place to go or to eat at in Virac is Blue Cafe. At first thought, it was just a plain coffee shop that offers drinks, food and a place to chill. But when we went there, I realized that it was more than that.

This post will be a combined post for eating lunch at Blue Cafe and eating our early lunch the next day at Blue Cafe as well before we went back to Panganiban.

Seeing this small glass wall and door didn't surprise me as the few photos of Blue Cafe that I saw before feels like it will just really be this small. But how naive of me. Little did I know that I'd be surprised once we went inside. The moment I opened the door, I was already confused. I was welcomed by the stairs and a little space with chair that looks like a space to take photos.

That's when it hit me that the small space I saw was just actually the entrance to the cafe, which is actually located at the second floor of the establishment. But when we went up, I didn't have the chance to be impressed with the cafe's overall interior right away because there was quite a commotion going on.

Yep, JK Labajo, ladies and gentlemen!

Actually, before we went inside, my travel buddy was already talking about buying a ticket for JK Labajo's concert that will be held just in front of the Blue Cafe, where other artists like December Avenue and X-Battalion already also had their own concerts. The ticket's quite cheap, and I was already interested so we were already planning on going that night then this happened.

I took a few photos and video but anyone isn't allowed to have their pictures taken with JK other than the staff and the people from Blue Cafe. They might be sponsors or not, but I wasn't planning on having a photo with him anyway. I just learned about the 'no one is allowed to take photos with him' thing when my travel buddy asked me to take their photos. One photographer told me about the 'rule' so yeah.

When JK and his team left, that was just the time when we got settled.

If you think that Blue Cafe looks beautiful from these photos, I'd say it's more beautiful if you can see it in person while their blasting air conditioning unit is cooling you down from the scorching heat outside.

Private/Event Area

I commend them for dividing their place into three spaces; the main space which was inside, then there's the al fresco side if you choose to feel the warmth of the sun and last but not the least, their private dining area where JK and his team ate at.

They have a decent list of food and drinks that you can order and their cake displays is just amazing. My mouth's watering just seeing the cakes, pastries and sweets! Unfortunately, I just decided to pass on them since the meal we ordered are already quite heavy on our tummy. Maybe next time!

That was what we ordered on our first time eating at Blue Cafe. I was a little surprised that they have a Pesto Pasta dish so of course I had to try and I have a love-hate reaction to it. The taste is just too overpowering that it tasted like a tangy vegetable salad or something. I love that it tastes good, but the pesto was just too 'pesto' if you know what I mean.

Onto their Tuna Panini.. I don't know why I expected a heavy 'bread' although taste-wise, I like it, but it's something I won't order again if ever I come back.

Then the next morning after checking out of the hotel, I wanted to have another go at Blue Cafe for their breakfast meals. I ordered Ranch corned beef while my travel buddy had Breakfast chicken sisig. Both were freaking delicious. Okay, it's the best corned beef meal I have ever tasted so far. I don't know what brand of corned beef they uses but I want to buy it! Their potatoes are also tender, so I have no problem with it.

Of course I also tasted their chicken sisig and hand's down, I like it as well.

In short, our early lunch was very satisfying and thumbs up to Blue Cafe for these dishes.

You may reach them through:
Gogon, Virac, Catanduanes

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