How I celebrated my Birthday with Cassalu Foods!

I am already at the point in my life where celebrating birthdays is better just to be at home, doing your thing and not being stressed. But my mother really want me to have even a little celebration with the family. She remembered that I have a gift card from Cassalu from when I attended their blogger's meet up a few months ago.

It has been on her mind for quite a while now. We were supposed to use it on her birthday last March but she said she was too tired from school that she just bought palabok and some toasted siopao for us to eat. It was again brought up lately because of my upcoming birthday.

Instead of going out, we decided to just get the foods to-go. My sister and I went to Ayala Mall Feliz since that's the nearest Cassalu Coffee and Kitchen branch to us and it is where we originally got the GC. Before I ordered, I told them that I will be using my GC and we were more than happy to accommodate me.

It's already my second time to see this place but it still makes me smile whenever I see their overall look. Imagine eating delicious food with this view? You'll surely have more appetite!~

We waited for about 20 minutes and I asked my sister to take photos of me, of course. Obligatory Birthday ootd. LOL.

This is me with a happy face before going home with these foods.

For the 2K GC and an additional 186php, we had:
Crispy Pork Binagoongan (now a family favorite) - 438php
Basket of Country Fried Chicken (5 pieces) - 568php
Caesar Salad - 198php
Clubhouse - 258php
2x Fries Extreme (108php each) - 216php
Sausage Threesome Pasta (Family) - 508php
Total is: 2,186php

Mama bought me a cake! Yey!

I am honestly very thankful for Cassalu for giving me a GC last time. It saved me from the hassle of cooking or buying more foods.

Visit them in Ayala Mall Feliz branch!

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