Foodie Adventures | The Happy Chef at Linden Suites

The Happy Chef is a restaurant that offers Filipino, American and Asian dishes and is located at the second floor of Linden Suites. It is where the people that are checked in at Linden Suites will go for the breakfast buffet. We had our dinner here and this is my overall experience at The Happy Chef.

When we arrived at dinner time, there aren't a lot of people around. About 2 to 3 other tables are only occupied. The warm light gave me a fuzzy feeling making me want to have some hot chocolate! lol.

Right off the bat, you'll notice how the place was designed elegantly. It is one of those places that gives off a classy vibe and I like it so much. I immediately noticed the wine wall. and I think that it added some more character to the overall look of The Happy Chef.

The waiters asked me if I would want our food to be served one by one but I told them to just serve it at once since it'll look better at the photos that way if I can showcase them in one shot.

The house blend iced tea is the bomb. I really prefer house blend iced tea at any time!

I laughed when Gelo, my friend who's with me said that there are rubber in the salad. I told him that it's olives and that my mother actually love it. It was perfect, especially their dressing! The pizza is very tasty as well. Gelo and I enjoyed the pizza so much, but the star of the dining table is the crispy pata. 

I've said it in my review in their Zomato, but I will say this again; their crispy pata is the best crispy pata I have ever tasted. Taste-wise, the consistency of the meat is amazing. Crispy on the outside and tender and chewy on the inside. No hard part of the pata hit my gum which mostly happens with food like this which impressed me so much.

Aside from the Crispy pata, salad and pizza, they gave us pumpkin soup for appetizer and of course, their complimentary bread and butter.

I loved how the waiters seem to really like what they were doing. They were always smiling and they asked if we needed anything more. They are polite and attentive.

For the dessert, these banana splits are also bomb. The ice cream are not too sweet but still tasty.

I actually thought that it would take them a bit longer to serve the food but surprisingly, it only took them a few minutes while making sure that we are comfortable while waiting.

I would definitely come back to taste more of what they can offer!

Visit them at 2nd Flr. Linden Suites, 37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City.

You can also check out the video I made!

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