How to overcome the fear of taking pictures and videos in public.

I love reading and discovering blogs by local bloggers even way back. So when I discovered Camille Co, David Guison, and other bloggers who usually take photos and use their faces in every blog post they make, I came to realize that it gives more impact and makes every post more personal and more authentic. It was something that I wish I can do because as a blogger, I would love for my audience to also know me as the person behind the blog.

But we all know that a few years ago, it wasn't easy. Bloggers, before, are rare and most people don't really know about them that much and what they really do. Making content for the blog before is really something that should be well thought off. I am not saying that content making today is easy, but it became easier because people are more open now to the idea of what bloggers are and the information needed is easier to acquire.

Over the years of blogging, it was just about two years, according to my memory, that I became more comfortable with cameras and public places.

And here are the things I did on how I overcome my fear of taking pictures and videos in public.

1. Regret for the wasted opportunity to have better photo/content.
This has been the greatest motivation for me, and probably the greatest reason as well on how I overcome the fear of taking pictures and videos in public. It happened a lot of times before I finally realized it. I'd come home from a certain place or event and realizes that I could have taken this photo or a photo of me at this certain angle but I didn't because I was too shy to do so. That a video with me talking could have been a better thing to post rather than just photos. Those little things piled up and every time I go out, something inside me starts to just tell me that I should do it for better content. So people can visualize my post better.

2. So what if there are people staring? They don't know you anyway!
The main reason why people get scared or get shy when taking photos and videos in public is the attention it will gain from others. But I learned to put in my mind the thought that I just have to endure the stares for a little while because, after that, nothing would happen anyway, no one would be hurt and I get the shot that I want.

3. I've seen people do it, and I don't care afterward.
I've seen people take photos or videos. Selfies, other people taking photos of other people for their ootd and stuff, and it didn't bother me a bit. Sometimes I even find inspiration in their poses. So if I don't really care to see them do it, why would they care about seeing me do it as well? I'll just keep this in mind and I stop getting nervous.

Now, I am so used to this that I even like having a photo at the center of the crowd because sometimes it looks nice.

I hope some of you find these things helpful.

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