I lost my sense of taste and smell and here's how I think it came back.

WARNING: This post doesn't mean I am encouraging anyone who reads it to do what I did because I know that it is careless but I did what I have to do at that time. I still recommend seeking medical help and attention once this happens or anyone you know that can help you do so. I am fairly sharing my experience regarding this matter because it is also an important part of my life that I wanted to document here.

When the quarantine period started last March, I was lucky that I just found a new job. My first day is the only day that I was able to go to the office because the next day, there's no vehicle to ride to. My boss understands and I was given the opportunity to work at home. Ever since then, it is either my sister and cousin or my brother alone are the ones going out to buy our food and groceries. They are the ones who were given quarantine pass. I just give them my share and tell them what I want them to buy for my snacks and so on.

As the months went by, it became a routine. I don't go out even just outside our house. I am a bit scared because I don't trust my immune system anymore. I used to rarely get sick but I was thinking that lately, I seem to be more prone. I also only sleep 2-3 hours a day for some reason. And while I am used to that, I know that having less sleep makes me weak and vulnerable.

August came. By that time, I got a part-time social media manager gig again. I forgot the exact date that I realized it but I was drinking my usual iced cold Great Taste Choco at about 1am when I thought that it tastes bland when I know I put sugar in it. I did not think any of it until I saw my brother eating something and he opened the Knorr seasoning bottle and put on his food. I was waiting for the wave of its smell since I know how pungent it can be but no, I did not smell it. By this time, I am already a bit panicking. My sister told me to smell things and while I can still smell them, it's faint and my mind's already everywhere.

I calmed myself and wished that when I wake up, I am just paranoid and that I still have my sense of taste and smell.

But who am I kidding? Yep. The next morning, my sense of taste and smell is gone. Nada. I also had a short fever but it was gone the next morning.

Told everyone about it. I have to turn my niece away whenever she tries to come to me or hug me and it breaks my heart but had to. I mostly stayed in our room. I am not totally isolated and my mom kept on nagging me to drink warm water with salt, she bought me fruits like orange and dalandan, told me to also drink calamansi juice. I did all of that for the next two days.

I don't want to be consumed by the thought that I might feel weaker any time soon so I just treat it as something that's not really fatal. I joked about it on my Facebook my day and my cousin who's a nurse sent me a message, concerned. She told me to isolate and all the jazz and that I should take Conzace, two times a day for at least seven days.

Took her advice. Asked my brother to buy me 14 pieces of Conzace. And just to put it out there, I am already familiar with Conzace because they sent me some of their products last year, and my photo with a quote got posted on their official Facebook account. Some friends and people I know went a bit crazy because they thought I am endorsing them or something. Told them that I was just a part of their campaign.

After two days of taking Conzace, I realized that I'm feeling so damn sleepy when 6pm or 7pm comes. My work starts at 8am and I am done by 5pm. At first, I was thinking that it's just my body got tired of my usual routine of 2-3 hours of sleep a day. Anyway, since I lost my sense of taste and smell, I hated that my mom cooked really delicious food like Caldereta, Chicken Curry, and so on. I hate that I am just imaging the taste because I can't taste it at all. By this time, my boss on my second gig wants to have a meeting but told them I can't yet because of my situation.

An old friend invited me to the opening of his new business and I know I can't miss the opportunity. This is the 4th day that I was taking Conzace. I am also drinking calamansi juice once or twice a day. To make this short, the photo above is me on the footbridge in Buendia going to my friend's Milktea and Korean Chicken store. I was really worried at that time because I want to tell my friend what I think about the drinks and the food and how can I do that when I can't taste and smell them? I had my mask on all the time, I have my face shield and my own sanitizer and alcohol.

Well, the inevitable happened. We're in the middle of doing the shoot, eating, and tasting everything when I realized that I can finally taste the food and drinks, bit by bit. I feel like there's a bulb that lit next to my head. I was so happy and thankful.

I continued to take Conzace even though it makes me feel groggy at the end of the day but I noticed how my sleeping hours became normal and I am so happy about it. I can sleep from 7pm and wake up at 6am or 7am. On the fifth day, I became normal again. My body seemed to recover from the toll that I got from my unhealthy sleeping hours. I continued taking Conzace until the 7th day even though I feel really good on my fifth day.

After a few weeks, I read an article that Conzace can be really strong. Some people who tried taking it ended up feeling weak, dizzy, or throw-up. I did not feel anything like it even on my first take. Well, yes, I felt groggy when I took it twice a day, but it's the kind that makes me sleepy, and it feels like Conzace filled up what's missing on my body that my sense of taste and smell came back and I was able to sleep continuously and longer. Although I am not claiming that it's all just because of Conzace because I am just speaking from experience. Other factors might also be one of the reasons.

So yeah, this is my story. Ever since then, I did not lose my sense of taste and smell again nor did I have a really bad fever. I've had some runny nose from allergies and a few days that I feel like I was having a fever and flu but I just take a rest and I am fine again.

Like I said in the warning above, this post is just about me sharing the circumstances I was in and how I was able to kind of get out. I can't afford to be put in the hospital if ever because I am working at that time, and I hate going to hospitals. I did what I think is better for me and my family is there for me while I was in that situation.

I hope that this pandemic just is done so everyone can go back to their usual life.

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