Currently: Venturing in a Small Business and more.

If you've been my friend in Facebook for quite sometime now, you already probably know that me and my sister started a small home-based business around October. After I resigned last September and I received my last salary plus my separation pay, I was already thinking of having a small business so aside from doing other freelance jobs, I'd still have more source of income. Selling Takoyaki isn't even in my mind at that time. It just so happen that one of my best friend whom a foodie like me requested that we should do a Takoyaki food trip after our last  Samgyupsal food trip. He told me to try buying a Takoyaki pan so we can cook. So I did!

Okay, given that we really doesn't have an octopus in our Takoyaki, I never thought I'd get to enjoy having it that I almost eat Takoyaki everyday. An idea came that what if we'd sell Takoyaki while at home since we're already cooking it and we think it's delicious. So I set aside a budget to buy ingredients we will be needing.

I quite enjoyed doing the branding and the logo of our small business. I think that my sister also chose the color palette quite well. We named our small Takoyaki business TAKOYASTIC. Even though we don't really have octopus variant in our menu, we are confident that there will still be customers who will love it.

Since October up to the first week of January, everything is home-based, and neighbors and friends would just send a message to my sister if they're going to order or they'd come to our house. Of course, there are days that we don't have a sale, but we're not counting on it anyway, because we were taking it slow. But there are days that customers would buy a lot that it covers buying more ingredients and there would still be income. It went on like that for months,

My friend and colleague tasted our Takoyaki and offered that we should get a cart where we can sell it outside. At first I couldn't believe that idea because I didn't think of our business to scale, or to scale that fast. But he's kind of persistent. It was December when we talked about a more solid plan about it. I love the idea and I agreed because he believes in our product so why shouldn't I?

We decided that the first month would be the trial part. We put the cart in front of our house where a lot of people pass through. We're lucky that our house is in front of a 3 way alley and it's also wider than most alley in our Barangay. We will be testing the water, the routine, the supplies and all that jazz.

Upon writing this blog post, we're already on our 4th day. So far, so good. We are opening around 1:00 PM until 8:00 to 9:00 PM. We set a sales goal and so far, we're reaching it until yesterday and we'll see for today. We're happy that some customers that were just passing by were also thrilled knowing there's a Takoyaki stand near them. 

Our menu consists of 5 flavors they can choose from. Of course, we're already planning on adding octopus soon, so we did not put a bigger menu on the cart yet. We're doing everything a bit slowly but surely. People are loving it. We cook the Takoyaki on the spot. I don't know why others are pre-cooking it and they just let the Takoyaki stayed on the pan before someone would buy it. Personally, I like eating it freshly made.

My role in this small business venture is the business and the social media management as well as the small errands. My sister's on the scene, cooking and selling and does the managing of supplies. Everyone's supportive and we're really happy about it. 

I am also enjoying putting out content on our page that currently has 300+ likes already. I am very satisfied with everything I am posting.

So excited for the future and I am hoping that this can be something we can grow.

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