Wonders of 10% Niacinamide Serum: Zariyah Skincare PH Professional Formula.

After a few months of not using any skincare or beauty products (aside from soap) after I'm done using The Skin Bar Rejuvenating Set last year, I'm back with another review of a product I recently acquired. It's not my first time using a product with niacinamide so I'm already a bit familiar with it. I used a sheet mask with niacinamide a few times before and I'm quite confident that I am not allergic nor my skin would have a 'violent' reaction after using it.

I love the fact that the label and packaging are packed with information about the product. It's one of those things that I notice and take note of. It makes it easier for the user to know without having to look it up on the internet before trying it. Using skincare products especially from small and up-coming brands can be a bit inconvenient if you still have to 'research' about it. Good thing that Zariyah did this.

Let me break down this review by listing the supposed to be the effect of this product. I used this serum for more than a month but I skipped it for 4 days (unknowingly!) and I think that helped me more in knowing the effect of this product on my skin.

Lightens skin - Yes. I can definitely say that it helped lightens my skin. To be fair, I was just always at home since I am mostly working from home so it can be another factor but the glow-up is real!

Reduces dark spots - Yes. This is actually one of the things I noticed early on since I started using this serum. I have a number of dark spots from the last breakout I had when my period came a month prior. While using this, my dark spots became lighter faster.

Treats acne - Yes. The first night I used this, my acne dried immediately. What I also noticed is that healing is quicker plus the fact that it reduces dark spots, the combo is amazing.

Diminishes fine lines - Well, I saw the minimal changes in my fine lines. I have this noticeable one on my forehead and while using the serum for more than a month, it's not that harsh looking like it was before. It's like the serum kind of 'softened' my fine line. I am hoping that this can continue while I also continue using it.

Minimizes pores - No, or not yet. I haven't seen a change in my pores since I used this. Changes would've been obvious because I have large pores on my nose area and the area an inch below my eyes. I don't know if this effect will work on me in the long run of using the serum but if not, it's still not a bad thing given that the other 'promised' effects worked on me.

Hydrates Skin - Yes. Seriously. I love how my skin glowed up while using this serum.

The serum is thick in consistency but not as thick or as runny as other serums I tried before. A little dot goes a long way. What I do is I put one dot of the serum on my forehead and one each on my cheeks. You'll feel a tingling sensation for a minute or two in your face after using it but it doesn't linger.

For reference, I mostly used this twice a day. 

Anyway, I unknowingly stopped using this serum for 4 days and I hated that some acne showed up. To be fair, again, I was out of the house for two days and two nights, and maybe that can also be a factor. Whiteheads showed up as well. But since I am using it again continuously, most of them are now either drying or healing.

I just usually exfoliate my skin once a week for better results.

What I don't like about it is that if you accidentally dispense more product on your face, you'll feel like you were washing your face with soap and it'll become streaky. So yes, make sure that you dispense just the right amount. It also smells a bit like medicine or something but it goes away quickly so it doesn't really bother me.

The fun part here is that this serum only retails for 350.00 for 60ML. I have been using this for more than a month and it still has a lot of products left.

You may order it through their shopee store WHITEGODDESS or you may also click this link.

Do I recommend it? Yes. Especially for its price, I think that for the effect it gave on me, it's really worth it.

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