Beauty Chemistry's Rejuvenating Formula: A Review.

It's another review of a rejuvenating set that's new in the market. I really love trying out products and then share my experience in using them. In this review, we will be focusing on Beauty Chemistry's Rejuvenating Formula.

But first, let me introduce the company behind this product - Buenacorp Beauty and Wellness product store is a company that aims to become the top choice of the consumers as a manufacturer and distributor of excellent skin essentials of various levels to satisfied customers. They are focusing more on health and beauty products that will boost the confidence of every user, making them feel good about their own self. 

They are currently handling two brands under them and one of it is BEAUTY CHEMISTRY which the product that I will review came from.

Beauty Chemistry has two skincare sets - The Rejuvenating set and The Glass skin set.

According to them, The REJUVENATION FORMULA is made only with the best-imported quality products that offer a micro-peeling effect that is safe and ideal for Filipino skin types and ASEAN countries. This is formulated with natural antioxidants and offers an experience you deserve from expensive products at a reasonable price right for you.

With its carefully selected active ingredients, it offers the following: 1. Fades pigmentation 2. Reduces pores and improves skin texture. 3. Diminishes age spots. 4. Corrects undereye circles and melasma. 5. Prevents skin sagging. 6. Boost collagen production 7. Decreases oily skin. 8. Corrects hyperpigmentation. 9. Treats acne. 10. Inhibits pathway that produces pigmentation 11. Minimizes line and wrinkles 12. Protects skin from oxidative stress

Product recommendation of 6 to 7 days of Rejuvenating sets (Night Cream, Day Cream, Toner and Soap). Avoid exposure to sunlight from 7 am to 5 pm as heat from outdoors aggravates the peeling effect of rejuvenating sets causing micro-scars on the skin (melasma). After rejuvenating sets, maintenance of Aloe Vera (Glass Skin) sets were highly recommended to maintain healthy glowing skin.

How is my experience using it and what I can say about it?
  • The branding and the colors are very lively and enticing. You'll surely check it out because of how it looks and how it feels the moment you saw the set.
  • The scent is one of my favorite things about using it. I get excited whenever I open them especially the sunblock because it smells really nice!
  • Micro peeling as early as my 3rd day of using and it's the type of peeling that doesn't really bother me.
  • I used it for more than two weeks and I love that the product laster that long.
  • My pimples and scars faded and my skin lightened, it also gave me a little glow.
  • Unfortunately, it made my skin more oily, but since I am just at home most of the time, I think this is not a bad thing anyway.
  • It also targeted my fine lines but only a little.
Overall, I still love this product and I still recommend this if they want to try it. This is a promising product and although the effects on me aren't that life changing, I still loved that it faded my pimples and scars and made my skin lighter.

Below is the before and after photo, I took in between the more than two weeks of using it.

Both photos are taken in the same lighting, I am also both a bit oily from the outside, and although it doesn't seem like there's much difference in the first look, my pimple marks really lightened and my skin also lightened up.

You may check their shopee account and order via this link:

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