My 2021 So Far and More Personal Stuff.

My 2021 started while I was in a process of healing from a broken heart and being jobless. I got through the first quarter in a blur, but it's in the second quarter of this year that my situation got really bad. My grandfather died, I was still jobless although I have a few 'raket' on the side, and then I just realized that I still love my ex and I wanted him back. Everything was difficult for me at that time. My panic attacks came back, I was overthinking and I was always anticipating that something bad will happen soon.

Needless to say, it's a pace that I don't want to go back to or for anyone to experience it as well. That was the time that I was almost begging all the time, I was so low and I couldn't eat or sleep. I learned to let go of my pride, and it actually helped me in recovering from that situation. I learned a lot, I experience a lot, too, in a span of a few months. I met new people that are now a big part of my life and I couldn't be happier.

Fast forward to today on the last quarter of the year, I can finally say that I moved on, I have two main jobs and a few side jobs, my mental health is at its best that I can tell, I wasn't overthinking, too! I am just living in the moment and I am enjoying life.

My life now is far from perfect, but I am doing progress day by day. 

Here are some significant things that happened to me this year in bullets:

  • I am now an exclusive writer under STARY WRITING. This is like my main job because I have deadlines and quotas but technically, it's just still a freelance job for me. You may check my stories by clicking this link.
  • Received more paid campaigns this year, too. Thank you for the trust in the agencies that choose me to be part of their campaigns!
  • I joined an ML Squad early this year and then I met another team just recently. I love that my world is starting to get bigger again, but I'd still want it controlled. I don't want to let just anyone in like before and I am just lucky that these people are nice people. 
  • Last season, I reached the MYTHIC rank in Mobile Legends. I play in my free time and honestly, the adrenalin rush I feel after playing a few games with friends kind of helps me in writing! It somehow makes me want to do more things.
  • Bought a second-hand laptop and I don't regret it! It's an old model, the kind of laptop with CD-Rom but the quality is superb! I also love the keyboard that I don't need another keyboard to be comfortable in typing.
  • A person from the past came back and just when I thought there's character development, there's none. So I had to take a few steps away again because I realized that that kind of person is just going to drag me down and I don't want to go back to that pace.
  • My iPhone 7 who's going 3 years now with me seems to want to retire now, so I'll be having a new phone soon. An android and good for gaming.
  • Kinda excited about Christmas because I miss having parties with my fam and my cousins.
  • My boss from my previous full-time job last year just called me about two weeks ago, wanting to hire me again but this time, as a freelance content creator. I love their brand, the product, and the people I worked with there, so I said yes. Besides, it's output-based so after I am done with the content, I will get paid. 
That's it! It's been a while since I posted a personal blog post and I just really want to document this one before I lose the mood to write this! I am currently finishing a chapter of the story I am currently writing in Dreame right now and was just able to take a little time to write this.

Until next blog!


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