Things i look for in a blog.

I decided to post how i follow blogs. I mean, how do i see the blog and decide to follow them or read them. As what my old posts says, i am a person who likes reading not just books but anything to my mood's taste. I also like knowing things about certain person. All human beings for me is interesting and the fact that they have a blog and a personal one, i can read their thoughts and their soul. So here are some things i consider before i follow or why i follow blogs.

1. The over all look / theme - It's the first impression that the blogger can give me. I honestly look for blog with wide theme, but not necessarily all. I don't like too much girly graphics and pa-cute style. Most of the blogs i follow uses white as their theme's primary color. Pastels are really nice too. Although i give more time to blogs that i liked the theme or the overall look, it's not just the thing i look for blogs to follow.

2. Positions or number of ads - There are blogs i see that looks like an ad page instead of a blog. There's ads everywhere. One click and another window or tab would pop up. It's a big no no for me. I know that it's every blogger's right if they want ads since it gives them income but i would suggest to position them in a place where the readers can read their blog's content with ease and can find their blog interesting even though there's ads everywhere.

3. The content - The most important of all. I'm more of a personal blog reader type. I like reading thoughts, frustrations, rants, opinions, comments on things and stories of other bloggers. It's just my thing. It gives me smile knowing that this certain person feels the same as me, thinks as me or just random things that makes me think i am not alone, and the feeling pof knowing that i may experience their stories in the future.

4. Images in their posts - I don't know but i'm mostly to follow blogs with full width images in their posts. It's appealing and i think i can sense what they are trying to make me see more. But i also follow blogs who are not really into re sizing images.

5. They way the blogger interacts with their readers / followers - I feel at ease with bloggers who talks to their readers or followers even in their posts. It feels like they are acknowledging their followers and readers.

So yeah. That's mostly the things i look or find in blogs that makes me follows them.

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