I am Senator Mirian Defensor’s fan. I like how fierce she is, how she thinks, how she express her self. I like how she never backs down on a fight if she knows that it’s worth fighting for. I like how bubbly she is, and how she make jokes. She can even make a serious statement funny that it becomes very entertaining.

And I know how people tend to call her names because of her different ways, thinking and approach on anything on her life.

At some point, I know how hard it is for someone to be called upon names just because she’s different. Just because she thinks different and just because she does things a ‘normal’ person wouldn’t do, there will always be that time that people would start calling her names. She’s brilliant, she does things her way. She has so many enemies because she speaks up, and people don’t like people who does so much.

Some people won’t agree with me. Some people don’t really like her. I understand. She can’t really please everyone specially that most people don’t really know how she thinks. I am not saying that I know, it’s just that I understands.

I can relate to her in some aspects. I had been called crazy, insane, or other terms. Although I just shrugged it off, there’s this feeling inside of me that honestly feels pain. I am a person who don’t just judge. It’s a habit. I’d know more, and even when i do, I would just be glad I had the info. I don’t bad mouth people as much as I can.  And when my mouth opens, some people won’t really get the way i speak or the words I use. I mean, you know, how I explain things, where did I got the information and all, how did I even know it in the first place. I am not a genius, that’s for sure. I did not even finished a four year course. I’m just a person interested in almost everything and I gain knowledge with different methods. I hate it whenever they would call me weird for knowing things they don’t even know exists, for facts they did not yet read, for people they don’t even heard the name, and so on.

It’s a world full of people with differences, so it’s really not surprising now for me, but I still get a little flustered whenever they can just call someone names because they are different. We are all different and unique, we say. But seems like whenever they encounter different and unique people, they still think that we should all be the same. Normal and just like the rest. We were born with our brain. We think with it, and not all thinks just like yours. And it doesn’t mean that it’s bad if it’s not normal.

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