My favorite blogs and bloggers of all time.

These bloggers take my breathe away. They make me feel like I was never alone for saying things I could be saying, doing things I could be doing, making something I could be making. In short, i relate to them very much. In different aspects. They make me realize things, makes me smile, motivates me and well, sometimes make me realize my up and downs in a good way. It's like My pieces was scattered into different places and I get to talk to them sometime with these beautiful people's post. I don't want to romanticize things but seriously, if I needed something, such as inspiration, just a good read, to relax, or a 'peg', then I would just have to go over their blog and read. It also makes me feel like I am friends with them.

Its no secret that I like [love] reading personal and lifestyle blogs because I am damn curious of everything. It makes me know a person, makes me feel like I was talking to them. I don't know, maybe I am just 'chismosa' but this is me. Lol.

Anyway, here they are.

Ghing of Kidaokagee 
Even though she already said goodbye, the things I read and learned from her blog will forever be treasured. I still remember when I first stumbled upon her blog. I was blown away. I followed her then and make sure to see her blog once in a while, and I am one of the many people who are now sad that she already said goodbye, but I really hope she'll be back.

Zia of Allons-y! 
From tumblr as krizianorell, to wordpress as krizianity, to blogspot's ziawarma and now, the traveling babe. Haha. I stalked her the most. I feel like she was the long lost sister I never had. We have so much alike, and I am determined to meet her soon. Helga of Tacky and fancy Who doesn't know her, seriously? She's one of the bloggers that I was so damn thankful I knew even way back. She's one of my "icon" seriously. My perception of myself after a few more years. Lol. Her blog and well, herself, influenced me in some ways. 

Gia of Lovely Serendipity 
I already forgot where I stumbled upon Gia's blog around four years ago. But when I read and saw her blog, then learned she's a Filipina, my curiosity grew wild like a fire. And following her blog is one of the best decision I have ever made up to now. [I dunno but she kept her blog private now. :( I can't read her posts nowww]

Porshe at Baked cookies and burnt cupcakes 
Porshe.. ah. I still remember when I first saw her blog. Then learned how pretty she was. Then I learned how she loves art. Then eventually, read her ups and downs. She's one hell of a strong girl. She' just an inspiration to most of us, her readers. Even though I am older, I never saw Porshe as younger because man, I really like the way she sees things.

Tricia at On the write track 
I must admit, when I first read her blog, I never thought I'd like her and her blog after a while. I mean, I don't judge, it's just that I thought, her personality isn't like of a someone I would have a 'glide' with. But fortunately enough, I clicked the follow button and became her reader. Her posts now wre short, but very creative. I like how independent she is and how she also sees the world.

Jhanzey at The yellowpad chronicle 
One of the bloggers that I made an exception in following my following list. I mean, when I first saw her blog, it wasn't in a wide theme. And I am a fan of blogs with wide theme. Lol. But I still followed her, so yeah, I never regretted stumbling upon her blog and read her posts. She's also an amazing blogger like the other bloggers I am following. She's also one of the few bloggers that are most active in my dashboard.

Rhea at Outrageous writer 
Knowing her blog and reading her posts inspired me in making the contents of my blog more organized. I don't know, she just made me feel that way. Or her blog, rather. I like how she loves movies, music and books. I also like the fact that it doesn't matter how old, or not popular the book, song or movie she was listening, watching or reading. I mean, ugh! I have been a follower of her blog for quite sometime, and I also admire her for her post's contents.

Aneth at Summer Babe 
I knew Aneth thru Zia. They are friends and since I am a fan of personal blogs, I followed her the moment I saw her blog. It went to some major redecorating but nevertheless, I like how she chronicles her life. I have been following her for years too, and I always see to it that I visit her site once in a while.

So yeah. They are my online heroines. Lol.
You can check them out and I bet on my life that you won't regret taking a peek at their oh so prcious blogs [aide from Ghing since she said goodbyeeee]

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  1. Hi! Hi! I never thought that I'll be included in this list together with these awesome bloggers! Thank you!!!!!!! <3

    Aneth //

    1. Of course you are awesome too, that's why! Hihi. You are very much welcome and thank you for dropping by. :)