New Watch: Breaking Bad

It has been quiet a while now since I "invested" a time in looking for new show/s or take an interest in finding new shows to watch. I became attached to the series I came to love way back and now, I was just waiting in vain for every episodes that we all know takes a lot of time if not weekly to be posted.

It started when I downloaded a game named ICON POP QUIZ. You see, I was never the type to put a game on my phone. It's one of the few reason why I get bored if there's no internet, because I have no game/s installed on my phone. When I had the chance to play in my cousin's ipad, I saw this game and came to love it. There are series of logo wherein you're gonna guess what is that particular logo about. There's this set of logos that are all about TV series or Movies. I answered some of it, and the [BR] and [BA] logo, I thought it's already familiar. But I still cannot answer so I had to cheat. So it's Breaking Bad.

It was when I realized that I have been hearing [when I mean hearing, it actually means reading since it's from the internet] from people around the social medias I have been a member to of good feed backs about it. So as usual, I looked for it in wikipedia. I found it interesting, but not interesting enough at that time so I did not watched it yet.

About three days ago, I don't know what came into me that after I watched the recent episode of THE ORIGINALS, I just saw myself typing Breaking Bad and decided to give it a try since I don't have downloaded episodes of NICS: LA yet and I don't want to watch recent episodes of NCIS and BONES yet.

Breaking Bad is a show about a High School chemistry teacher who got diagnosed with a lung cancer that decided to team up with his former student to sell methamphetamine for the expenses of his treatment.

The plot is something unique and refreshing for me. 

The first episode is compelling but it was too damn funny because first, Walter, the teacher, is so damn nervous and panicky. He's an outright citizen, so he's really not the type to be a criminal. Second, Jesse is a fucked up pusher and user that their combination shouts trouble. It was compelling enough, and I just found myself clicking the link to the next episode. I just thought that the first three episodes are like all over the place. It's messy, but then, the episodes that came are more intense and kept me entertained.

I am very choosy when it comes to the American series I watch. I am always looking for elements I can't really out words on it and those were what kept me hooked in the shows.The two shows that I gave up on so far are GREY'S ANATOMY and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. I just grew tired of them, the constant annoyance of the lead characters and as well as the twists are just so over for me.

I was just actually currently two episodes away to the season 2 finale of Breaking Bad and I watched all of it within 24 hours since I decided to watch it already. While I was browsing for a picture to use in this post in Pinterest, I was blown away by the amount of fan art and illustrations I saw about Breaking Bad. It took me a while to finally just go to google for the image since the illustrations and other fan arts and anything that has to do with Breaking Bad in Pinterest are damn spoilers. Lol.

This show is actually one of those shows wherein I recommend not because it has criminal tendencies or what, but for the facts that the story line of this show is unique, the characters are unique, and you'll be in a world you never thought you'd be in with just the tv show itself. It will literally take you to the world of drugs, killing and illegal activities. Lol. Interesting, right?

So let me finish this post now and let me watch new episodes I have been craving for. :)

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  1. I only saw the first season of Breaking Bad. I'll probably get around to finishing the entire series after Scandal and Orphan Black!

    1. I am already on the 5th season and I don't wanna see the end yet so I stop or pause in watching for a while. Lol. It's nice, you'll learn a thing or two on selling DRUGS on the streets, how to conceal your illegal activities and build an illegal syndicate hahaha