6 Must Things To Do Before The Year Ends.

The first half of the year would be over soon and I really really need to get my head straight and start doing things that matters. And I mean, things that really matters. I'm not gonna lie, I don't know what to call this stage of my life wherein I get to like new and old things then just get tired of them all of a sudden, and then the possibility of me liking them again comes.

Anyway, I have been moping around the house for two weeks and those two weeks became beneficial to my readers. I updated three stories in my other account and I feel so proud of it. But there are other things on my to do list that I actually think that I should just go and do it, and do it fast because it has been long overdue. I listed six things I think I needed to do now before the year ends again so that I can move on to other things.

1. Finish at least half of my on going stories

Seriously. I don't know why I am in this stage. I used to type at least an update every other day almost three to five years ago. I am in a panic whenever I think that my creative juices are being dull all of a sudden. Like, it's been drained because of the stories I have already written. I tried just randomly going out, just stop thinking of my stories for almost two months, talked to many people, different ones, watch all the shows I wanted to watch but it's just the same. It's getting hard and hard these days but I know, I have to finish at least a half of them before the year ends or I'll have another year of a tons of unfinished stories that will weight on my shoulders.

2. Write a Non-fiction book for young adults with features of articles made by my favorite bloggers [with their permission, of course]

This is one of my most awaited things to do. Like.. I am so excited to do it, but I'll have to ask the big boss if I can do it. I mean, I want my work to be published so that I can share the world what I have written, what I think and what are the things I have learned through my favorite bloggers through their blogs that they might use too. Very soon.

3. Finish an actual Korean Drama or American Series.

I have been having issues with endings. Not just only with the stories I make, but on watching tv shows and drama. I have this habit of not watching the last episode of a certain Korean Drama or a few ot the episodes in the last season of a certain American Series. I don't know what's into me but I would want to watch an actual drama or series wherein I can finish it till the end. Please!

4. Get out of my boring ombre-ish blonde hair style. It sucks.

I don't know why I am not doing anything with my damaged hair yet. I feel like it still looks cool even though I really know it salready ucks. Bleach is so damn frustrating and so high maintenance that I will really think twice in using it again. 

5. Get my own domain name for this blog.

Been planning to do this once since forever. Please.

6. Launch the blog that me and my other co writers plan to make.

Obviously a geek blog. Lol. I get excited whenever I think of having a shared blog with my co writers. I know, I have been a bad girl even in my own blog, but I guess I just gotta have my mojo back for me to be real active again. I believe that with this, we can build a community wherein there's no published and not published writers drama or walls.

I have a lot in my mind these past few days. My absence in this blog has been a big evidence but I never plan to neglect my baby. Just the mood swings or whatever. I hope that my mojo can really come back because I might be crazy. Lol.

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