How To Become One Of The Boys.

I watched a video recently that depicts how some girls get awkward whenever there are boys around. They get to act differently whenever they are around mostly not on purpose. And sometimes, they get embarrassed because they don't know what to react or what to say. This post doesn't mean I am an expert or that I am saying I am. I guess, I just know a lot or a little more than other girls know a thing or two about boys that I either becomes a lesbian or a total flirt for some because I have so damn many guy friends.

I don't know when it started, but I just woke up one day realizing I have a lot of guy friends. That I don't get embarrassed whenever I am with them. It doesn't matter if I am just the only girl in the group, because it felt like what's important is that we are all together, having fun. Now, they jokingly tease me that I have a lot of boys in my life. I just laugh at it because seriously, we all know the deal. They are all just my friends and we're just too close that other people put malice into our friendship.

Most of them, asks me out for no reason. We just hang out for no reason. We tease each other, sometimes we uses endearments. Most of the times, we are being playful, either online or personally. My mom got used to this that whenever a friend visits me in our house, she doesn't acts suspicious or something because she already knows that he's just a friend.

Anyway, let's cut to the main reason why I posted this. Boys are not as complicated like us, girls. But just like us, they have preferences too.

1. Whenever they curse or say bad or naughty words.. you don't have to say the same thing if you don't, just don't stop them or make them feel uncomfortable by making them feel that you are uncomfortable. Well, boys got to be boys. It's a given, they use colloquial words or terms in every conversations. It's like the natural order, just like we have our girls talk. They sometimes curse in describing whatever they are describing specially about their "experiences" and if you think you can't take this part, you can just definitely stay with the pajama parties with the girls.

2. Try not to be defensive whenever they would talk about some girls they had a thing with or some chick they want to bang. Believe me, this topic never go away and it's just a matter of how you will look at the moment. If girls gossip about boys they like, well, boys gossip about the girls they thinks are easy or some chick they want to have a thing with. It's very rare that they will talk about a girl they would want to have a serious relationship with in a normal day. Those topics happens occasionally only, trust me. Just listen to them and engage, laugh and tease them about having HIV or like, offering a story similar to the topic. It's not degrading other girls since some boys thinks of girls as sex object, but most of the times, they are just for laughs. So do not take all of it seriously. Just relax and enjoy the conversation.

3. If they are talking about something such as sports or a game or whatever that you are not familiar with, please, just tell them that you are not aware and do not try hard to belong. It would make them feel like you are just trying hard to be interested because you just want the attention. Listening to what they say is the key. You can give a little comment or reaction base on how ridiculously they describe some sports or game that they say. Laugh if you think it's funny, say something witty in between the conversation until the topic will change.

4. You can start a conversation with them by noticing something nice or tease them about how they look, or what they wear. This actually depends on the situation. This can make or break you. Lol. For example, you think his cap looks good on him, you can call him and say that. Or tease him by saying he looks like a wasted zombie. Either way, he'll give a witty come back and the conversation will flow. No more awkwardness.

5. They really doesn't like whinny girls. They also doesn't like super conscious and well, someone that kept on talking about boys, boys, boys.  They get jealous too! May not be in a romantic way, but in a no malice way. You're with them, but you'll keep on talking about thus varsity player in your school.. that's a big NO. They also hate it if you'll keep on asking them if you look good, if your face is already oily, or the likes. They doesn't like someone who keeps on whining in almost everything. Dude, you don't have to keep on retouching when you are with them. They don't care if you have a make up or not, as long as you're with them and you hang out.

6. Whenever they tell you a problem or something that makes them pissed or mad, just listen and as much as possible, make them feel like you are also the enemy of their enemy. They don't usually need advice. They just want you there to make him feel like he's right. Well, you can maybe tell them some advice after a while, when they already cooled their head. It's all about patience and make them feel like you support them like what other dudes would do.

7. Make them feel like you're really sincere in making friends with them, not just all about being cool that you can hang out with a lot of guys. It's cool, being an only girl or one of the few girls in a group. Most of the boys you'll encounter are jerks, but they won't be once they feel like you are really one of the guys. If you can, don't have feelings with any of them, that would be complications. Keep them in the loop of some of the stuff you are in to, and they will do the same with you. You can also be their go-to whenever they needed to do something girly that they cannot.

8. Be sweet to them occasionally and make them feel you care. No matter how you are cool with them, well, you're still a girl and they can still see and feel that. When your presence has been in the group for quite a while now, being a bit girly, sweet and a little bossy in a playful way is good. There won't be any malice anymore because they know you're a part of the group. Help them fix their tie, fix their collar, comb their hair, etc. Ask them if they needed powder (some of them do) or remove dirt from their hair. Little things counts.

9. You really can't be choosy, picky or fastidious. Most of the time, they are cow boys. They can drink in one bottle, one straw or one glass. Use the same spoon and fork, or the likes. Eat in one plate or something. Yeah, I'm sure you actually seen one of this scene in your home with your brother, father or cousins, wherein they will not get a serving spoon but will scoop the food right in the serving plate. Some of them might be around you full of sweat and tired. Not very hygienic but it's what's going down.

10. Last but not the least, they might ask you to introduce them to one of you 'pretty' friends and you should know if it's a joke or they are serious. It's a bit tricky and I find this one funny. Since I have been around them for too long, I can easily tell them to f*ck off and that I am not a freaking match maker and that they are weak for not getting girls of their own. Lol. Most of these type of requests comes up when they are either frustrated, just being funny, wants to start a conversation or they are just really serious. Lol.

You don't really have to try hard on this. Some girls are really not meant to be with so many guy friends because only a few can handle them. I mean, seriously. Look at what I have to endure being close to them! Lol, kidding. I actually enjoy their company. They are easy to get along with and what I wrote above are just guides. I am not saying it all applies but mostly, that's what i observed. It's not true that being friends with guys doesn't have dramas unlike being with girls, because there are also dramas with them. Mostly when they're drunk and well, broken hearted or something.

So yeah. Goodluck not being awkward with the guys next time. Lol.

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