Watch List: PETA's Rak of AEGIS.

One of a few perks of being a writer under our company is to have a chance to see plays and shows in PETA for free. Like, they give away a number of tickets for anyone of us who are interested. There had been a few chances even before but this is the actual first time I saw a play in PETA. I have seen shows such as these before in different theaters way back and watching Rake of AEGIS yesterday really made me miss those times.

Me and my co writers decided to meet at the nearby Precious Pages Book Store which was in Farmers Plaza, Cubao. Then we took a cab from there directly to PETA. You can ride a jeepney in Aurora going to Quiapo and Welcome Rotonda but I suggest a cab for convenience, plus it will stop in front of the building itself. After we got out tickets since we're an hour earlier, we took some photos and played around.

There's just a four of us. They were my co writers and unfortunately, we're the only one's that are available for that date. We wished more of our co writers came though.

After a little while, we decided to munch dinner at a nearby KFC since it's still early. We chit chat for a while then came back to PETA.

We came back in time for the time that the line of people started coming in. It was prohibited to take photos of the stage but I took a secret snap. I'm gonna share it to all of you but I blurred a little. Teehee! Anyway, the ticket we had was for Balcony. We actually saw other writers from different imprints of the company.

The show started past 8pm. Their way of reminding the audience of do's and don'ts before the show starts is funny and sarcastic. We already had a laugh even before the show itself. If you look at the stage, it will look kind of normal and ordinary, but when the play started, I actually found out that there are a lot of things they could do within that little space. Amazing!

I enjoyed the show specially the part where in Jewel/Joel, Aileen and Tolits are involved. The casts are brilliant. We had goosebumps all over whenever they hit the high notes and the production numbers. We never got bored. There's the element of fun, drama and well, reality in this play. Everything rolled well. I got a last song syndrome of AEGIS songs after the show and I have been listening to one while I am typing this post. Lol.

There's a ten minute break at the middle of the show. Apparently, the performers need to relax their esophagus for a while, as said of the reminding person in the speakers. Lol.

The show ended past 11pm and that's when we just had the chance to take pictures of the place. When we went down, it was chaos. Everyone wanted to take pictures with the performers. of course, we do too! So we waited for a while to corner the performers. We only had the chance to take snaps and selfies of the performers because of too many people. We were giddy to take photos with Tolits and Jewel respectively!

I couldn't find Aileen anymore, who is one of the lead cast after a while so I only had selfies with Tolits, Kenny and Jewel! They are so friendly and quirky! Specially Tolits! Before I took a snap of our selfie, my co writer joked Tolits that I have a crush on him so yeah, we're very close in that selfie. Lol!

Direction to PETA Theater from Cubao

Commute: Ride a jeepney in Aurora Boulevard going to Quiapo or Welcome Rotonda. The fee is just 7.50php and tell the driver to drop you off in Christ the King. There's a gasoline station before Christ the King and there's a road in between them. Head that way. You can see PETA Theater after a few steps,

Cab: Tell the driver to use E. Rodriquez. Christ the King where PETA is nearby comes before NEW MANILA. It's on the right side if you came from Cubao. Fare is less than a hundred bucks.

Ticket Prices:  1,800 | 1,500 | 1,000

Show Duration: 2 hours and twenty minutes with a 10 minute break in the middle.

For inquiries, ticket sales and reservations,
Text RC (0922.888.5348)

This show is recommended! A good way of a night with good laugh and cozy atmosphere.

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  1. Aw, I'm so jealous you have a picture with Tolits! hihi!

    Anyway, I'm just dropping by to say hi! :)

    1. Didn't you? Haha. There's actually a line of people wanting to have pictures with him. Haha. Thanks for dropping by. :)