6 Things You Should Know About Your Favorite Writers

Aside from me being a writer myself, I have tons of writer friends and most of the times, we get so close because of a few things we can relate to in our 'profession' and I picked quite a few things that I, myself, want the readers to know about us in general.

1. They are fans of other writers too.Yep, that's right. Every writer from their humble beginning started getting hyped up because of their own favorite writers too. They are readers even before they became writer their self. They also idolize someone because of the way they write their stories, their characters and their style in writing. They get more inspired with their dream of being future writers because of the writers or the stories or books they love. So whatever you feel about them, they also feel the same for their idols.

2. They love it whenever you talk to them about the characters in their stories as if they are real. In a moderate way.It's when you refer to the characters like HIM, HER, HE, SHE not 'The Character' as if they are alive. Like you can encounter them in real life. But they get tired of it too. Being obsessed with the character they made, it's kinda flattering. But being too obsessive with it would be off. It shouldn't be destructive because it's wrong.

3. They really doesn't like to be compared. - Alright, they like it whenever a fan would tell them why they love their work and how it did something good to their life. But all people wanted to be treated different, not a copycat or "like" someone you knew. If you'll gonna tell them that their story or work is good, or you really like it, it's better to leave it at that rather than saying "it is good just like *insert writer here* story" and even though it is a compliment being next to a well known writer of some sort, they take it a little seriously to the heart.

4. They both like and hate the attention and pressure that their readers bring whenever they ask for the finished story - Because it meant one thing: The readers loved the story too much that they wanted to read it in full. It makes the writer feel loved, but at the same time, pressured. A little push will do, but pressure doesn't do good since writing isn't a thing that everyone can do at times they want. Good writing depends mostly on the writer's mood and the will to do so.

5. They always try different approach or style in their works - They usually don't let their work be just "the same" over they years of their experience. They find their strong point in writing, but they also try to find more strong points. So do not be surprised if suddenly, they try different genre, change on narration type, style of writing and such.

6. They wanted a little more privacy in their personal life no matter how they share their day to day life and some pictures with the readers - They know how to be a fan, because they are also a fan or a reader of their favorite writer, so they also know the struggle of wanting to be more closer to the person they idolize. So they usually share something to the readers to get them to know him/her more. They reply and talk to them via social media at certain level. But there's the line and they hope the readers and the fans would respect that.

Now, knowing all of these, let's pretend that you are talking to your favorite writer/s, what are you gonna say to them? Comment below and let me read! Have a nice day! :)

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