25 Things I Learned By 25 Years: Part 1.

I don't know why other women are not really comfortable with other people knowing their "real" age. It doesn't bother me at all. I sometimes joke about being older, like 30 years old or something. Anyway, in my 25 years of existence, I probably learned a lot more than 25 things but realizing, knowing and remembering these things actually made me a better person.. and I think it might be good for other people too.

1. Education is really important, but it's nothing if you don't experience the real life yet. Where are you gonna apply the things that you learned while you're in school is very important. If you finished your degree, you won't have the better life just because you already have it, or the moment you have the work, it'll all get better. You need patience in learning and coping up with the real world ahead of you.

2. Every people has their own battles they are fighting with, so be nice as much as possible. You probably heard or read this somewhere else before, but everyone of us should realize this by now. If you think about it, you want people to always understand you whenever you feel bad or you're just not in the mood. We should remind our self that other people feels the same at times too, so we don't need to be rude.

3. Intelligence cannot just be measure by the medals, ribbons or diplomas. Sure, it is an honor to graduate at the top of your class, or the mere fact that your survived having to go to school for almost two decades is an amazing thing, but it doesn't mean that you're a genius and others doesn't have a brain. We have to respect that.

4. There are always gonna be that someone you'll get irritated with even though they did nothing to you, so do not be surprise if there would be people you think doesn't like you even though you know you did nothing wrong. So yeah, it really happens.

5. It's wrong to think that a person would still feel the same way as you feel when they remember you as you remember them. I always have this issue but I got over it. I always reminisce about the glory days but when I would have a chance to communicate with them it's as if I did not exists once in their life. It suck, So I just let it go.

6. Life is unfair for you sometimes because other people's life gets unfair because of you too. Remember when you don't have to fall in line because you know someone inside? It felt good, right? How would the other people in line feels? So we can't really complain if someone got to go inside first just because they know someone inside too. That's life, it goes around.

7. Getting drunk with someone you loved before or you had a thing before is a very wrong idea. So you say you moved on, you got over it. You feel okay seeing him/her again after quite a while. But when you get drunk, the urges comes back and you make bad decisions and would just probably ask someone to kill you the next morning because of it.

8. Don't get jealous, be inspired. I have never been the insecure and jealous type. Whenever I see pretty women, I adore them. I usually make them my icon if I really like them and their ways.

Take Camie, Helga and Krizia for example. These women, for me, are empowering in their own different ways. Plus, insecurity and jealousy will never be good for your health.

9. You don't need to have a pretty face and a perfect body for men to dig you. One damn fine personality and you're a bomb. Not pretty, not sexy and definitely have a lot of flaws but I have my fair share of "friends" and such,

10. Lose weight because you want to, either be healthy or for reasons for yourself, not to impress men or other people. I'm pretty contented with my shape, but I still want to lose a little weight for health reasons. I don't get the idea of looking pretty for other people to look differently on you. Start for yourself.

11. Being friends with someone or some people that's well known will always get you bad attention and haters. Yep! But you just gotta let it go. People would always find bad thing about it. Even pitying people who mocks you will be such a waste of energy and time, so just let them be.

12. Fame is suffocating, but it's also a responsibility. You don't just get famous and that's that. It will change your life both ways but you have to suck it up because being famous is like a sickness you would want to have a medication so that it won't spread. Talk to them, be nice if you feel like it, but do not be obligated to be an angel just because they all thought you are and it's what it should be.

Part 2 will be posted next! :)

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