Drama Cliches That Annoys Me So Much.

I can say that I became an advocate when I learned about the old MYSOJU website wherein you can watch Asian dramas for free. My cousin told me about it and I since then watched tons and tons of dramas, not just Koreans but Taiwanese and Japanese as well. Although I am more of a Korean Drama kind of girl and I have been so since 2007. Then, around 2009 when I was welcomed to the world of American Tv Series via Bones. I feel like I am the Queen of the world knowing I can watch them for free online.

Anyway, the longer that I have been watching tons of them, the more I get annoyed with the cliches that has been on these dramas and series. I mean, cliches aren't really bad. I used to tell my readers that it's okay if they think that the stories they read are cliches because people have their own preferences. If someone liked arranged marriage plot, what else would that someone read if there's only one book that has that kind of plot, right? What I mean with these cliches are they are already used but not being done right in my perspective.

Yes, it's true that dramas and series are supposed to be fictions but can't they be more realistic at some point? They don't have to feed people more bullshits than what they already know. Most of these are more of a Korean Drama.

1. Whenever a girl would have a scar or something that would make the man she is with to feel responsible in giving her a piggy back ride. I think that this isn't sweet, it's impractical. Especially if the scene just happened to be at the side of the road wherein they can just easily call a cab or something. They always use this scene and it's not sweet anymore. Well, at least for me.

2. When a girl would sleep in the couch and the man would pull her up to be put to bed. I was like.. girl, how can you not wake up? How can you not realize it easily that you were pulled up to be put to bed, that's why you woke up comfortably?

3. Annoying nerdy, stupid and impossibly good girls portrayal. The staple nerdy glass, awful taste in their wardrobe and kind hearted heart. Most of the times, they always act foolishly, always getting bullied so the drama can establish the capability of the male protagonist in saving her.

4. Whenever they got wet from the rain or something, they don't really use the towels. They just hold it or something. I mean, c'mon! Use it to actually dry your hair and body!

5. Roof top house. It felt like anybody can own or rent a roof top house these days..

6. Poor characters with top of the line cellphones or gadgets and cute houses they can't pay the rent on time. Seriously.

7. Girls liking the boys first. Most of the time, she's been loving him since forever. She's not getting noticed so one of the main point of the series or drama is to make him notice her.

8. Kissing scenes wherein they're just touching lips. Not a crime to move your mouths and head for more dramatic feels. Duh.

There are a lot, actually. These are just the main ones. I did not put the RICH MEN and RICH MEN WITH MENTAL DISORDER or something cliche because as annoying they are, they are my type of cliche! The poor girl rich man cliche is already given, we can't do anything about it because as a woman, I admit it will always be romantic at some point. The rich man's family not okay with the poor girl is also a universal conflict.

So what's your drama cliche that annoys the hell out of you too?

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