Why Advertising On Blogs Is A Good Investment.

When I learned a little while ago that bloggers can earn while blogging, it made me wanna try it too. Who wouldn't, right? You get to do what you love to do, and that is blogging. And then you get to earn from it. But over the course of years that I learned how it works, the fact that I am a person with a bad case of being mercurial, it did not let me experience the wonders of earning while blogging.

But what I also learned while lurking in the depths of the world wide web, reading other blogs and personal experience, is that advertising on blogs is really a good investment. Even for a person like me, who grew up watching commercials in the television of the products they want people to know, or seeing the billboards and poster all over the places people frequent to, thinks that advertising on blogs may not be as explosive as having a commercial about your products, but is definitely the next best thing.

Why do I say so?

1. Blogs are websites that actual people operates and owns. They have minds like others who you would want your product to be sold to, or be known with. They give feed backs that other people might want to know or will be curious to know too. It's like, the people you want to reach with would know exactly what they are getting too. Blog posts are very flexible. Of course, there might be some negative feed back about the product or whatever it is that is being advertise, but the fact that people would read an actual article dedicated solely to the product will give them more insights as it was written by someone they can relate too. Because blogs have followings or people that reads the blog because they relate with it, and they trust the blogger. The advertisers just have to know what blog would exactly be a right fit to advertise their product with. There are blogs with niches that will fit the product and as well as the readers of the blog.

2. It's cheaper than any other advertising plan out there. You don't have to talk to several people that you'll also pay to get to the actual people who would do the job. Direct transaction, terms can be easily discussed and you know exactly that they will only costs you not even a quarter of what any advertising firm will charge you.

3. It's in the internet, and will always be in the internet. You paid one time for a post that will be made all about the product, but unlike commercials or billboards or poster, the same post will float throughout the internet and number of people will get to read it in one click. That's the power of it. it's like you have a personal go-to post whenever you want people to discover your product. And it will stay there until there's internet.

Well, until the blogger won't delete it for some reason.

4. You can advertise not just on one blog, but more! It's one of the strategy in advertising with bloggers. Different bloggers, different people, different views and opinions. You can gather them, put them in your website for other people to read it. Aside from the fact that it was an advertising post, it is also the blogger's pure and honest opinion, trying the product itself, so it's already a testament from a person who tried it. Dual purpose!

5. Last but not the least, the audience/readers are endless. Yes, it is true that most of the people who are always `in front of their computer are either teenagers or young adults, but the other percentage of it were the older ones. They also try to engage with the modern trends. Word of the mouth about what they learned or read online will be a constant topic or habit for them at home, outside or even in work.

May it be a product, a restaurant, a hotel, a resort, an event or even movies or books, advertising in blogs will always be a good option. Big companies who can afford for a commercial or billboards advertisements can still know the beauty of blog sponsorship and blog advertising.

I would know, because me, myself rely on the internet on most of the things I do. Whenever a person like me learns something, like a place to go to, I always google it first. And I would be disappointed if there's nothing about it at all, or if there is, it doesn't give me so much information. People nowadays try to know or see anything using the internet. 

Just like what the first reason above, blog advertisement gives the product or a place or anything that is being advertise a full look given by the blogger. All the information that a person would want to know about what they research would be there. If it's a resort, they would know things from the blogger's perspective or so. If it's a food, the bloggers would not just show how the food looks, but also how it tastes and among other things.

Of course, blog traffic, blog's influence and such are always a big factor that people or companies or groups who would want to advertise need to research about, but that's also the beauty of it. Blogs are everywhere. They can choose with endless bloggers who would be happy to cater to them. Bloggers will also choose what opportunities to choose because they would also want the deal to be beneficial not only to them or their blog, but to their readers as well, because they are the heart of every blogs out there.

I encourage small shops, especially online based ones about this. You will always start small, so start small with a bang.

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