Friday's Ten Happy Things Vol. 3

Welcome to FRIDAY'S TEN HAPPY THINGS where I am gonna list ten things that made me happy or smile the whole week!

I almost forgot what day today if I hadn't saw other blogger's entry for this week's FRIDAY'S TEN HAPPY THINGS so yeah, it's a good thing because last week, I have been anticipating writing the same post only, I got late because of some circumstances. I posted it Saturday morning but as they say, better late than never.

1.My small graham balls business is going smooth. Mom said even her helper is ordering for it and that I should have bigger trays for the balls next time. Lol.

2. Anticipating for my blog's first ever giveaway. The primary prizes are secured and on hand, but if ever I can have more so that it's more worth it, I would. Will post it as soon as MIBF's done.

3. Speaking of MIBF! Our booksigning got moved to Sunday! Since most of our readers are only available on week days, this is not just a good news for us but for them too.

4. #FamBam! 

5, Been quite a while since we shook our booty so yeah! (Excuse the grease lol)

6. Finally started a new story that has been bugging my mind for days already! Although I feel sorry since I still have a lot of on goings but hell! At least I have a lot to juggle my mind with on what to update whenever I feel like it.

7. I am anticipating the fact that I'll be meeting some of my co writers that I have been frequently talking to online but haven't really met personally because they are so damn far but because it's MIBF week next week, we will meet soon! :)

8. I will get a free personal puzzle of my own choice of design from a friend! He's reall generous. Lol. It costs 85php each but I'll get two for free!

9. Been into reading English novels again this week. This habit is by mood so I am really happy about it. I am into Marian Tee books this week. That gal got me hooked with THE GREEK BILLIONAIRE AND I and HEART RACER 1 and 2 that she gave us via

10. This came to the mail today! My brother gave it to me saying it arrived for me. Thanks #Viviamo #Olay #BelledeJour

 How about you? What made you smile or happy this week? 

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  1. Waaaah I love giveaways! Looking forward to your first one! :)